Evangelical's Island

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Yesterday the Fellowship took a friendly jab at the difference between Catholics and Protestants. In a show of good sportsmanship, I thought I’d share a popular joke among Evangelicals.

Once day the United States Navy was sailing past a small deserted island when they began to see distress signals. The Captain decided to check it out.
They landed on the beach of the island. A man came running toward them, scruffy beard, dirty clothes, as if he’d been there a long time.
“Thank the Lord for answered prayers!” he said. “I’m an evangelical missionary, and I got stranded on this island about six months ago.”
The Captain looked around. “You seem to be doing okay for yourself. Nice fire, stack of wood. You even built three little huts on the beach here.”
“I was all alone, but God took care of me.”
As they boarded the ship to leave, the Captain couldn’t ignore a sense of curiosity. He glanced back at the three little buildings.
“Tell me something. If you are all alone, then why did you build three huts?”
“Oh that’s easy,” the evangelical said. “That first one there was my house. That one in the middle is my old church before I didn’t like it there anymore. The third one is my new church.”


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