Eva and Adolf

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I found this pic on Break.com.
Doesn’t the guy look familiar?

Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler in their golden years

Uncanny resemblance!

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  2. The guy looks like Axelrod too.
    If Axelrod had a son he would look just like this guy!!!

  3. This has got to be on purpose. The face…well, he looks like an aging Nicholas Cage as much as Der Fuehrer, (which is disturbing in its own right, suddenly realizing how much Mr. Cage looks like Hitler!) but the hair and ‘stache … no way he’s unaware.

  4. Not to mention how infuriated he’s gotten about the X-box 360 and its “red ring of death” failure lately…

  5. Damn, that is just plain scary.

  6. How’d you like them in your Christmas photos, yikes!


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