Euthanasia on the rise in America due to lucrative organ-harvesting

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legal euthanasia across worldCountries where euthanasia is or has been legal (Wikipedia)

From Life Issues, Sept. 26, 2014:
A silent and deadly epidemic is moving across America. No one is broadcasting it. No one is writing about it. Almost no one is even talking about it. But every day in hospitals, nursing homes and hospices across the country, more and more of our medically vulnerable loved ones are being euthanized.
Indeed, some physicians have admitted to this behavior. A 1998 article from the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that hastening death is occurring and is not rare. In a survey of 355 oncologists, “(15.8%) reported participating in euthanasia or physician assisted suicide,” and “38 of 53 (72%) oncologists described clearly defined cases of euthanasia or physician assisted suicide.”1
These decisions are being made by paid medical professionals. And loved ones, to their horror, are finding they’re not even part of the discussion. The patients’ crimes? They’re charged with having insufficient quality of life, being too expensive to keep alive, and being beyond the reach of medical science and therefore beyond hope.
Such judgments may lie behind what seems to be an increase in the “brain death” diagnosis. The difficulty of making a pinpoint diagnosis in such complex neurological matters—and the lucrative financial incentives to harvest organs—will ultimately propel this issue into the forefront of public consciousness and discourse.
Not surprisingly, the current procurement market for human tissues and organs in the United States is booming, driven by insufficient supply and heavy demand. According to The Milliman Report (see page 4), if all 11 tissues and organs could be harvested from a single patient declared brain-dead, however unlikely, the going rate for procurement would exceed half a million dollars. If all costs related to those 11 transplants are counted—preparation, physicians’ services, post-op care and the like—the money involved exceeds $5.5 million.2
It’s crucial to shed a bright light on this menacing darkness, but we need your help. Here are four ways you can assist:
First, we need to hear from healthcare workers and professionals. If you’ve witnessed this happening in your work environment, please come forward and share your observations with us. Perhaps you or someone you know has inside knowledge of the organ donation process as it relates to a situation of euthanasia.
Second, we need your personal stories. We’re also looking for family members willing to share healthcare experiences involving a loved one that are similar to what we’ve conveyed in this letter.
Please trust that if you request your identity be held in confidence, that confidentiality will not be violated.
Third, we need people willing to be interviewed on camera. We have a golden opportunity to educate more Americans to euthanasia in our midst. A special episode of the Emmy© award-winning pro-life television series Facing Life Head-On with Brad Mattes plans to feature real-life accounts of people sharing specifics of this American travesty. The program reaches tens of millions of American households, so imagine the number of people whose eyes could be opened. America will be told what is happening to the elderly, the chronically sick and the cognitively disabled. If necessary, we can keep the identity of our TV guests confidential.
Finally, we need your prayers. This is, first and foremost, a battle against powers and principalities. We cannot hope to win on our own. Only the power of prayer will permit us to expose this hideous and inhumane attack on precious human life.
If you prefer not to be on television, we still need you. Our ultimate goal is to build a network of people who can speak publicly about these issues to educate others regarding this horrific, unnoticed practice. This may entail speaking to pro-life groups or others sympathetic to protecting innocent human life; addressing a state legislative committee regarding pending legislation; or speaking to a hospital ethics committee as they struggle with a challenging situation or policy. Our goal is to develop a network of experienced experts who can speak directly to the issues at hand.
This is literally a life-and-death matter. And we who are blessed to have life and a voice must intervene to help those who are in danger of having life taken from them. We hope to hear from you soon.
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19 responses to “Euthanasia on the rise in America due to lucrative organ-harvesting

  1. Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses.

  2. Soros needs those spare kidneys and livers to keep him alive, you know…

  3. This is merely the next item on the Death Cults’ checklist. It was coming as surely as day follows night. The giveaway of its imminence was the Left’s utter indifference to the rising chorus against late-term abortion.

  4. When there’s no respect for life (and I include the moment of conception), then this is one of the results. I do know of one brain I’d like to be holding in my hands!

  5. katherine jones

    My 2 1/2 month old grandson passed away after being on vent and brain dead after just 7 days. The hospital was wanting vent pulled after 5 days but my son asked for more time. There was no trauma to his body but he stopped breathing and brain swelled. He reacted to stimuli on feet and sides but again hospital said brain dead. They did their “TEST” which was slightly more than pouring cold water in his ears and looking at his eyes. His other organs functioned perfectly. On day 7, after the “test” doctors pulled us from the room, and asked my son, daughter in law, and I about donating his organs. They said and I quote ” rarely do we ever get an infant with brain death and perfectly functioning organs. We have a baby for his heart if you will do organ donation.” My family never consented for organ donation. We didnt have any time with my grandbaby because as soon as the hospital knew there was no chance of donating his organs, they rushed in and took him off the vent. As far as I am concerned they killed my grandson. When did doctors become organ hungry and not care about finding a cause?

    • I’m so sorry for your loss, katherine. 🙁

    • I am dumbfounded by your experience. I send my most profound sympathy. It would seem that people are becoming immune to acting in a civil manner towards others . . . we see this in the evil men do. While I understand how marvelous organ donation could be, I don’t believe that I could agree to have my infant’s body desecrated in order to achieve this–I believe that I would want to send the child back to Heavenly Father in as pristine condition as Heavenly Father sent the child to earth.

    • >>When did doctors become organ hungry and not care about finding a cause?
      To partially address your comment and I am truly sorry for your loss. I used to be a fairly prolific writer on a number of subjects and was threatened a few times with legal retaliations or worse, basically for telling the truth
      Doctors became hungry for $$$ period, and it began in earnest when Nixon instituted HMO managed care. Medical staff got bonuses and other perks for denying the most services. The same for writing the most scripts for expensive and highly toxic drugs. Then it went into overdrive with Reagan’s “greed is good” creed. I’ve seen more and more hospitals here in New England merged, consolidated, downsized etc by healthcare corporate conglomerations for maximization of profit
      And now Satan is raking in trillions in profits for his corporate minions

    • I send you my sincere condolences and I will keep you and your family in our prayers at the Divine Mercy Chaplet recitation in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

  6. Thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for taking my mind off of ISIS and Ebola.

  7. Correct me if I am wrong. I read in either The Wanderer or Catholic Family News, about ten years ago, that organs for transplant can only be taken from LIVING donors, that organs from dead donors won’t work. The article stated that doctors did have a confab at Harvard in 1968 to define “brain death” to get around the legal roadblock.
    If you would follow up on this with another article it would help matters more. Thank You.

    • I’ll have to do some research on this, but this is what Wikipedia says:
      The Uniform Anatomical Gift Act of 1987 was adopted in several states, and allowed medical examiners to determine if organs and tissues of cadavers could be donated. By the 1980s, several states adopted different laws that allowed only certain tissues or organs to be retrieved and donated, some allowed all, and some did not allow any without consent of the family. In 2006 when the UAGA was revised, the idea of presumed consent was abandoned. In the United States today, organ donation is done only with consent of the family or donator themselves.

      • Found this Dr. Eowyn, it may be useful for your research:
        On learning that only “brain death” seems to be the prerequisite for determining “organ donation”, and not cessation of heartbeat etc. I am thinking that has given a pretext for killing a lot of still-alive people. Determining a rule about death from atheistic science, which is not only willfully blind to factors beyond the physical body, but also knuckle-draggingly ignorant when it comes to understanding the brain (and subsequently determining what actually constitutes a dead one, beyond the obvious onset of rigor mortis), is flatly wrong, medically and morally.

    • I have heard the same before, with regards to organs needing to come from living donors… perhaps the area to look into with regards to the actual facts on that would be whatever the study area is called relating to the process of death. However we should not expect that area to be completely honest and objective at this point, because as was already indicated, the goal is for them to harvest organs, they will skew research to favor their results, perhaps only a pre-1970’s text would be relatively trustworthy.

  8. Personally, I know that the popular concept is that organ “donation” saves lives and all that, but really this is rather gruesome, and in a world where medical staff are increasingly amoral or self-interested, and where more medical information is shaped by satan-controlled pharmaceutical companies, I am finding that I have to undertake learning medical things myself, as Medical Doctors are increasingly proving untrustworthy (If they’re willing to give a child a “vaccine” cocktail full of formaldehyde and mercury derivatives, among other vile ingredients, what else are they willing to do? They forget that “First Do No Harm” bit of the hippocratic oath.) Things like this, and an increase in malpractice & misdiagnosis is why I am leery of seeing doctors in modern day… especially when the most often referred to solution is “cut it out” or “throw a pill at it”.
    Who keeps the doctors in check, and makes sure they do not cross the line?

  9. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this important post. As you pointed out, prayer is the most important weapon we can use against euthanasia. If people would offer their suffering to Jesus and ask for His help, they would not end their lives. As for health professionals and loved ones, God help them to do God’s will and to preserve life during all of life’s stages.

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