Europe In Riots

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Maybe it’s because the United States is a continental-size country. Whatever the reason, Americans are famously insular in our outlook, lacking interest and, often, knowledge about the rest of the world. Surveys regularly show our school children being woefully ignorant about foreign affairs and world geography.
Europe is ablaze in demonstrations and riots. Further down the road of socialism than America, the countries of west Europe are struggling with debt and insolvency (like America). Governments are undertaking much-needed austerity measures to cut spending and entitlements. In reaction, enraged Europeans are taking to the streets and clashing with police armed to the teeth in riot gear.
It’s one thing to read about the riots, it’s another to see them in action. Here are some examples. I can’t help but wonder if and when they’ll break out in the streets of urban America….
In Athens, Greece, on December 15, 2010, rioters clash with police and attack a former government minister and now an opposition MP, Kostis Hatzidakis, bloodying his nose and head:

In France, riots against austerity measures and raising retirement age from 60 to 62, in October 2010:

In Dublin, Ireland, students rioters clash with police, November 2010:

In London, UK, tens of thousands of students demonstrate and riot against tuition increase, November 10, 2010:

In London, rioters attack the car carrying Prince Charles and his wife skank, Camilla, December 9, 2010:

In Rome, Italy, rioters clash with police, December 14, 2010:


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0 responses to “Europe In Riots

  1. Seriously Steve a lot of kids will get a bullet in their asses if they are destroying other people’s property. Remember most if not all of these countries have massive gun control laws.

    • Correction what I meant to say a lot of kids/students over in the USA would get a bullet in their backside if they were to try it here.

  2. Here in Seattle, it’ll be another WTO 99 riot…be prepared!!

  3. ACORN/SEIU members and Cloward-Piven Strategy fans’ favorite fantasy… where their nation-wide rioting and unrest can bring about societal collapse and governmental bailout with a currency where the government can arbitrarily set what it’s worth and endlessly print it so we have big-screen TVs and free healthcare forever (known as Zimbabwe in real life, however). Stock up on vital stuff, folks– gov’t can’t prevent running out of other people’s money simply by printing more of it.


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