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“And thus, my friends, we have arrived at the formula for understanding Obama care.”

Seriously though, is the above that different from this nightmare bureaucratic chart of our new health care system, courtesy of Barack Hussein Steven Dunham Soetoro Obama and Congressional Demonrats? —

H/t our Miss May.

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0 responses to “Eureka!

  1. It’s obviously the major component of his job creation plan.
    A friend of mine who works in government told me long ago that the way to rise in the government bureaucracy is claim you’re so swamped with work that you can’t handle the load so they hire more workers, promote the person who couldn’t originally handle it and make him the boss of the newbies. She said some departments expand exponentially this way. Also, it is imperative that every cent in the fiscal budget is spent. If not, they get less money in the next budget.
    When I worked for a local construction company, I once got a call in mid-May from a bureaucrat for a local state agency. He wanted a proposal for work to be done on the roofs of the buildings at his facility. An estimator went out and inspected the roofs and found they were in excellent condition. When he informed the bureaucrat that nothing needed to be done, the bureaucrat said. “No! We have to spend the remaining $6,000 before June 30th or they’ll cut our budget next year! Do something and be sure we have the invoice befor the deadline with the fiscal year ends!” Money and efficiency means nothing to them!

  2. What a joke…I hope this is ruled unconstitutional by SCOTUS…

  3. God, what a hideous mess.
    If Rep. John Bonehead can’t bring himself to defund this atrocity, maybe he should be defunded himself.
    No joke, as we are fast running out of time.


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