The Marine’s Famed Silent Drill Platoon Had Best Tighten Up

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There is a new Sheriff in town, and his name is the United States Air Force:

You will note that, unlike the Marine version, no bayonet is removed from any rifle during the course of the drill, and that is particularly impressive beginning at the 10:40 mark.



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0 responses to “The Marine’s Famed Silent Drill Platoon Had Best Tighten Up

  1. Hmm, two ‘Very Poor’ votes already.

    I smell troll sh*t – that of the extremely psychotic variety.

    Whoever you are, you need some serious help, and you need it right soon.

    Is it possible you are being abused both physically and psychologically?


  2. So now it’s three ‘Very Poor’ votes and a thumbs-down as well?

    Seriously, how could any sane person give a thumbs down to that awesome video?

    Are you currently being raped in a bathroom?

    Are you being held against your will in a closet?

    Are you being held in an underground area under a trailer?

    Does your other half wear beer-stained sleeveless undershirts?

    Does he smoke 30 cent cigars?

    Does he drink puke beer from cans?

    -Or is it Night Train from a bottle?



  3. Terry,

    LOL – I’m just glad nobody lost an ear.

    Well, at least not in this vid, anyway.


  4. pretty neat…
    and I admire the discipline and practice that went into this…
    plus it kept those fly-boys out of trouble …for awhile
    …and no cracks about the CG’s precision water ballet team 🙂

  5. Excellent…

  6. LOL – Yeah, I was just needling the jarheads a little.

    Most of my military relatives were Marines – including my dad.


  7. my family is Air Force all the way, but over many years my husband and I have been stationed with other branches of the military, and I LOVE THEM ALL. All their drill teams are the best, but I am very impressed with this one never the less. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Very impressive, only thing they cant do with those rifle though is fire them down range and hit a target. lol All joking aside, very impressive and great video.

  9. Not bad I’m impressed Now just learn how to shoot those rifles. Oh Rah!

  10. While it may be impressive to some, it just does not have the same affect as watching the Marine Silent Drill Platoon. Typically, one does not associate Air Force Personnel with carrying weapons and thus this loses some credibility. As you may know, everyone of the Marines on the SDP are infantry, which is far more impressive than anything else. However, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so if they are really trying to compete with the Marines maybe they should join “The Few, The Proud, The Marines.” In any event, not bad for the “Junior Varsity”


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