Errand boy for the devil

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Monster Energy truck
Spotted on a street somewhere in America . . . .
Sent by FOTM’s Mike
See “Monster Energy drink has 666 Anti-Christ logo

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0 responses to “Errand boy for the devil

  1. What an ugly truck!! Horrible how open and accepted the Satanism is in our world, this would never have happened in our great grandparent’s time. They would have rolled that beast of a truck into a ditch.

  2. showing and accepting satan is encouraged today. I even saw a children’s commercial for a star wars toy sword where they were inviting children to ‘experience the dark side’. I wonder how many loving parents bought that toy for their kid? I was appalled.

    • I have to agree with you Mom, unfortunately the masses have been put into a coma by the Luciferian overlords
      I used to make a point to go into Boston to watch the annual gay pride parade which has become an ever growing globalist freak show. The first time I heard of Monster energy drink was they had truck in the parade (quite fitting) and were giving out free samples.
      At times I wish I was comatose like the masses as I am aware of subtle and not so subtle Luciferian symbols and signs everywhere
      I’m surprised pResident Lucifer has not declared Monster the official national drink and gay pride as a mandatory national holiday


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