Erin Brockovich warns residents near giant Louisiana sinkhole to get out

There is the mother of all sinkholes — the Corne Bayou sinkhole — in Napoleonville, Louisiana, 75 miles west of New Orleans, which is a disaster in the making. (See my post of February 3, 2013.)
The dimensions of the Corne sinkhole are staggering — and growing by the day. If the salt dome collapses, the resultant super sinkhole will be as big as 30 football fields!
Here are some pictures of the sinkhole:

Corne sinkholeCorne sinkhole1

Erin Brockovich is the plucky woman who helped get millions of dollars in settlement money for dozens of residents in Northern California who were stricken with cancer from contaminated ground water caused by a company.
Chris Nakamoto reports for Louisiana’s WBRZ Channel 2 that last Saturday, March 9, 2013, Brockovich visited the Corne sinkhole to assess the situation and meet with the residents of Napoleonville for two hours.
Brockovich is sounding the alarm that the residents must heed officials’ advice to evacuate.
Brockovich said:
“The residents are “being told, ‘This is dangerous. Get out.’ And they need to get out. That land, those homes, it’s useless now. They’ve got a situation, they’re trying to tell the community clearly, ‘This is a mandatory evacuation.’ That means danger. There’s serious gas pressure there. There is absolutely risk and potential for explosion.

If you or someone you know live near the Corne sinkhole, you must EVACUATE!!!

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UPDATE (March 12, 2013):

Yesterday, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal warned at a meeting in Baton Rouge with officials that deadly hydrogen sulfide could be released and another sinkhole could form only 200 feet from the edge of the collapsing 1-mile by 3-mile Napoleonville Salt Dome. if Texas Brine LLC’s second failing cavern collapses.
Seven months after the disaster overtly began, Jindal says he’ll visit the site of a 9-acre sinkhole for the first time next week.
The collapsing 1-mile by 3-mile Napoleonville Salt Dome has forced evacuation of people in 150 nearby Bayou Corne homes. 
The displaced refugees have strongly criticized the governor’s absence.
A Contingency Plan is now in place in the Corne sinkhole disaster area, based upon three color levels (green, yellow, and red) of potential seismic activity. The color level currently is green.
Jindal is pushing Texas Brine to buy-out residents. The area would then officially be a national sacrifice zone.

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I do know that people have their “homes” there. I have said this for years. They need to get out of that area in Louisiana. The bay flows “under the soil” on the coast.
At some point down the road, the entire state is going to be under water.
I don’t know how long it will take…but it will happen.

alice wolf
alice wolf

Where is the Army Corps of Engineers when you need them? Where are the experts who know how to remedy this situation and relieve this woman of her crusade to help people who are not getting any proper assistance from the Federal Government. Is she a whistleblower? Is the Administration waiting for a gigantic explosion or worse that will cause a total catastrophe? Will this lady suddenly commit suicde? What is Bobby Jindal doing is is he not the one to look for, maybe it’s somene else, If we just sit around and allow this to become another Gulf eposide… Read more »

the little brother (@TheLightningNuz)

everything is going to be sucked into a vortex.
Catastrophic Failure: Evidence Lake Peigneur 1980


The residents are right to be cautious. How many of us in the same situation would willingly leave their homes and property. I have only just read about this but I have some questions. Is Brokovich being “used”? It wouldn’t be the first time a celebrity would be wheeled out to support government agendas. Are the residents being offered full compensation? What do they have to look forward to if they leave? Why did the danger start in the first place? Was it done deliberately? You have to look at the aims of Agenda 21 – one of the aims… Read more »


Thank you Dr. Eowyn for preparing this post in charity for the people who may be victims of this tragedy. This is awful and I thank Erin Brockovich for her charitable warning as well. I hope the people affected listen to the warning!


@minou999 Erin Brokovitch is an attorney; she went to Yale after she became famous. She handles personal injury type cases much like the one around which her movie was centered. There is definitely a potential case, so at least part of her motivation is monetary… But who knows, she could really be there out of the goodness of her heart…or some combination thereof.


When we lived in Baton Rouge we lived not far from a high school they shut down because it was on a fault line. We did not live far from that school. It was like a time bomb just waiting to go off. I know this is not a sink hole but the thought scared me daily when driving by there until we moved to Texas.