Equality…sometime in the near future?

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0 responses to “Equality…sometime in the near future?

  1. wow, this is the most viable explanation of the current government, is bankrupt, and viewed upon as fools and idiots alienating former allies; causing the deaths of millions. it also explains what welfare has done to the constituency. I actually feel enlightened this morning by watching the skit. now if I can only find the local government drug dealer and get my thorazine then I can be better than number 1, I can be like the federal reserve interest rates, I can be negative one. amazing the amount of actual factual description that was loaded in the presentation, I may have to now skip MSM and return to the cartoon network as my daily life guide.

  2. Wait, will someone get offended because I laughed? I better wave my jazz hands and not clap! .
    …wow….scarily close if not point blank range.

  3. True-all this is in the realm of possibility,just a few wrong moves off,but WE aren’t goin’ down without a fight!


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