Eowyn's Garden

Winter in the Bay Area had been cold and rainy. So was Spring. And, given that it is early June but the sky is grey and more rain is forecast for the weekend, it sure looks like we won’t be getting Summer this year….
But, hey, that’s manmade Global Warming for ya. Even Mitt Romney, the GOP’s Anointed One, is a believer! LOL


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0 responses to “Eowyn's Garden

  1. Patriot Angel

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

  2. You certainly have a green thumb. I buy alot of plants but let my husband plant them so they have a chance at survival. I’m better with herbs. I love the roses. They remind me of my grandmother’s garden.
    Today is cool but we’ve been having summer weather. It’s great beach weather. 🙂

  3. Beautiful, Eowyn!! This must be your yard–I did not realize there were yards like this in California! I thought everyone lived in tiny apartments (just kidding). The mountains of Western NC are definitely feeling “global warming”–breaking records w/ temps in the mid-nineties. That after over 40 inches of snow here last winter.

  4. what a beautiful walk through your garden,I wanted to smell the roses!

  5. After this week of ugly news, how refreshing to see your beautiful garden, Eowyn. Thank you so much for sharing the wonder of God’s creations.

  6. lowtechgrannie

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love the shadiness and density of your plantings. Big thumbs up!

  7. lovely rose photo’s, cool backyard all thats missing is a gazebo

  8. THANK YOU, my friends, for your kind words! Glad I can bring a spot of God’s marvelous Creation to your day….

  9. Eowyn, you have a gorgeous garden, because you are a meticulously conscientious steward of God’s creation! It looks like a Victorian garden to me and I just love the beautiful roses! I remember all of the fun we had working on our little gardens together!

  10. I regret I didn’t respond earlier, as this would have brightened my day when it was needed! Here in Victoria, as in most of mainland Southern BC, Spring was overly cool and wet, and it felt as though Summer had been forgotten…. However, as of a day ago it seems we may yet have enough sun and heat that plants can stop growing from sheer force of habit alone!
    I just a few days ago planted a rose new to me from the Morden, SK research station that looks to be exactly the same as the bicolour yellow w/orange edge in the middle of the rose snaps. Most striking and cheerful, as is all your perfect cottage garden!

  11. Nice garden.
    LOL – The only thing missing is a Weber kettle, a cooler full of suds, some thick, juicy chuck patties, a column of smoke rising into the air, and me. 🙂

  12. Wonderful quote, sage brush, a grand passage from Isaiah! For me, after Christ, he is the second greatest poet in all the Bible.

  13. very beautiful!

  14. catscanner150

    Eowyn, it looks like you have carved out a little bit of Heaven in your garden. It must a haven for butterflies and humming birds.

    • Thank you, Tom! Alas, because of the cool weather we’ve been having, I’ve seen few butterflies or humming birds. But there are robins, finches, morning doves, and the bluejays who wait for me every morning to put out the birdseed and their favorite, peanuts in shells. Also deer and silly-looking wild turkeys that roam the hills, though not in my garden. That’s what the fences are for! 😀


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