Eowyn’s Garden (Music Screw Up Courtesy of Youtube)

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I did a little video of Eowyn’s Garden from the photos she’s posted here.  Unfortunately, Youtube is a real watchdog on music content.  They have a feature called “audio swap” where disallowed musical soundtracks can be switched to something similar in sound and length on Youtube’s approved list.  When this is swap is done by Youtube, there are unintended consequences the user can’t address.  In this case, the music stopped too early.  It irritates me no end, but the music is great while it lasts and the photos are all to-die-for!  ~LTG

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10 responses to “Eowyn’s Garden (Music Screw Up Courtesy of Youtube)

  1. Thank you, thank you, Grannie! This is such a labor of love. I’m in awe of your expertise. 😀

    Love the subtitle of this post! LOL

    • lowtechgrannie

      Eo, I enjoyed doing it. I just get so frustrated that once it’s on Youtube it’s beyond editing and have to live with the All Powerful Youtube edicts. I wish Youtube made more thumbnails available. The random 3 they provide to choose from are never the ones that I would choose. Same with music, it’s not that I hate their music, but they don’t allow me to sync it to the video properly.

      Too bad I can’t blame it on the UN and Agenda 21! LOL!

  2. Gorgeous! thanks for sharing, love flowers they can be so soothing

  3. Fantastic Garden

  4. one needs a beautiful flower garden like this for salvation when they see what we are up against every waking day:)

  5. BEAUTIMOUS! Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden and the lovely music.

  6. Herman suhardi

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