Environmental Wacko Haute Couture

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I’ve been a conscientious recycler since my U.C. Berkley grad school days. Every Monday morning, I dutifully arrange our household’s recyclables — of paper, metal, plastic, and garden/food debris — in their respective bins in a neat row at the curb. In other words, I care about the environment and the consumption and sheer waste of resources of we humans.
But what does it mean when a political movement has become so hip, it’s become fashionable — literally? The environmental “green” movement has now colonized the fashion industry.
The other day, my husband and I had a cappuccino in Starbuck’s inside a Barnes and Noble Bookstore. I was idly flipping through a Fiber Arts magazine (Winter 2010/2011) when my attention was captured by these pics of extraordinarily ungainly yet pretentious women’s fashion.

I’ve seen bizarre designer haute couture but these were staggering in their shapeless ugliness. Intrigued, I read the short article accompanying the pics, “Betina Moeller: Dressing For a Protest” by Shannon Werle.
Betina Møller (it’s Møller with an o slash!) is a fashion designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The balloon-shaped dresses are from her Recoil Collection— “A line of clothes to create awareness around the difficult life conditions of the baleen whales.”
Werle writes:

“If the voluminous silhouettes and exaggerated contours characterizing the Recoil collection resemble a nonhuman species, it’s likely due to the fact that each shape was derived from the form of a whale. Over the past four years, Danish fashion designer Betina Moeller has perfected the art of constructing garments from natural forms in hopes of reaching the gap between urban consumers and a variety of endangered species including the giant panda, various tree species, and most recently, baleen whales. Six of the fifteen baleen whale species, which include the world’s largest mammal, are currently registered for protection under the United States’ Endangered Species Act.”

Møller provides the following explanation in mumbo-jumbo NewAge Speak on her website:

“The purpose of the collection is to evolve emotions within the consumer and bring the urban human and nature closer by focusing on current issues and thereby create debate. The garments are constructed by shapes taken directly from the whalebody. The materials have been dyed using sustainable methods and damaged by pollution.”

That’s why I select the clothes I wear: Te evolve emotions within me, the consumer, whatever that means…. 
My husband wryly observed: “Way to go. Women can now look obese without even trying.”
So if you’re desperate to purchase one of Møller’s (don’t forget, it’s Møller with an o slash!) Recoil Collection line so that you can look like a big blob of whale blubber, here’s Møller’s contact info:

+45 22 76 54 39


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0 responses to “Environmental Wacko Haute Couture

  1. Wow. I feel sorry for that lovely model being stuck in something so ugly. It looks like she had to borrow a t shirt from her boyfriend, and the only one she could find was one he was wearing when he changed the oil in his car.
    These people put agenda over everything, including fashion.

  2. Just ordered several outfits. They are lovely. I think MOO Obama should seriously consider this designer. She could continue to gain huge amounts of weight and it would stay hidden. Hers, however,would need to stay sleeveless so we could continue to see her beautiful toned arms.

  3. My son recently bought a greeting card for his project. It was made from “elephant dung”.

  4. When I was in the third grade my public school held a mock election for the 1988 presidential run. I thought Dukakis was more handsome than Bush Sr, so I voted for him. I distinctly remember being disappointed when he lost.

  5. gag….this woman is certified looney.

  6. My sister and I contemplated going out for spaghetti. I was having a bad hair day and she was feeling bloated and we began to re-think our antipathy towards Burkas! This video brought us sadly down to earth!

  7. the NWO Communist tunics.


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