Environmental Hypocrite: Leonardo DiCaprio borrows the FIFTH largest superyacht in the world to party in Brazil


Eowyn reported on DiCaprio’s expansive real estate holdings. The “environmental activist” once stated:

“Global warming is not only the number one environmental challenge we face today, but one of the most important issues facing all of humanity… We all have to do our part to raise awareness about global warming and the problems we as a people face in promoting a sustainable environmental future for our planet.” (famousquotes)

Raising awareness on the most pressing environmental issues of our time is more important than ever.” (Brainy Quote)


DailyMail: Hollywood superstar hypocrite Leonardo DiCaprio has taken over one of the world’s largest superyachts in order to watch the World Cup in style. DiCaprio and more than 20 friends are said to have taken over the 482-foot Topaz while staying in Brazil for the football tournament.

The yacht is owned by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emitates and owners of Manchester City FC.

The Topaz was custom made for billionaire Sheikh Mansour in 2012 and is the fifth largest superyacht in the worldyacht

Seen in the stands wearing a Brazilian scarf around his neck, the 39-year-old actor tried to keep a low profile as he watched the game. However, it was hard for his yacht to do the same considering its imposing size.

It’s not clear whether DiCaprio and his friends have borrowed the yacht from Sheikh Mansour of if they are renting if off the wealthy Man City owner.

It appears Sheikh Mansour and the Hollywood star hypocrite has been in contact about the vessel in the past, as this is not the first time Leo has thrown a party on the Topaz. In April this year, Leo teamed up with Jamie Foxx and Orlando Bloom to host an 80s themed party on the Topaz in New York.

Whoever is paying, if Leo of his guests tire of the football there is plenty for them to do on the Topaz. The stunning vessel features a deck top Jacuzzi, a swimming pool, fitness hall, cinema and large conference room.

And if getting to the games is a problem, the yacht also has not one, but two helicopter land pads.


So much for practicing what you preach. Ride that massive yacht and party like it’s not emitting any carbon! HYPOCRITE.

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He has done this several times. Speak out of both sides of his mouth. These kinds of people only want YOU to obey the laws of a clean world. So they are free to abuse it.
BTW we had a yacht similar in size in port a few months ago, they said it cost $400,000 per fill up. Not sure how far that took them.
Thus, we spend zilch to support anything he does or make these days.


Maybe because it was the worlds fifth largest yacht, he was somewhat being responsible? 😉 ….nah


Hollywood is so hip on awards, how about a new one….Hollywood/hedonistic/hypocrite of the year. I think it’s safe to say that Leonardo would win hands down. It appears that he’s also the biggest whore to come out of Hollywood since Errol Flynn.


He is disgusting.


Don’t you know Environmentalism only pertains to the little people–not to our heroes like Retardo DiCrapio. Because it is us little ordinary people who are collectively destroying the planet.


And as we all know, the MSM will give him a pass.

Of course, if he hadn’t borrowed the boat, maybe he could have gotten another one of those Hollywood enviro-crites like John Travolta to fly him to Brazil in his spiffy Boeing 707.