Entitlement Syndrome

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Government union workers protest in Annapolis, Maryland on March 14, 2011. The union was met by local taxpayers chanting, “The gravy train is over, the gravy train is over”.
A teacher was asked what she thought about the local taxpayers who were there to counter the union workers.  She said, “I think they’re absolute aholes. I have been teaching for 36 years.  If I retire now, I will get $34,000 a year for 36 years. I don’t think that’s fair when I was initially promised a lot more.
The teacher is guaranteed $34,000 year (plus health care and social security) for not working the rest of her life and she’s calling taxpayers “a
holes”? Yep, it’s all for the students.

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0 responses to “Entitlement Syndrome

  1. Why do parents who purportedly love their children pack them off daily to low-life goonion members to be “educated?”
    No wonder this country is now standing eyeball-to-eyeball with it’s downfall.

    • sage_brush,
      And I hope they plop her down right between Whoopi and Joy.

      • Dave:
        Don’t you mean Wookie and Joyless?
        The View should be renamed “Shrewfest”
        They are all harpies. Elizabeth Hasselbeck is the worst.
        I cannot stand EH’s voice and intellectually dim utterances.

        • Hasselbeck was chosen because she is a weak RINO, and no threat to the lefties on that show.
          I would pay money to watch it if Ann Coulter was in her place. 🙂

  2. Oops, my “their” should have been “they’re”…

  3. The non-teacher folk in Detroit were more honest…

  4. Why do I think she should be green? I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!

  5. Candance Moore

    There are millions of unemployed Americans right now who were never “promised” anything at all.

  6. lowtechgrannie

    Me too.

  7. I think union is the new dirty word- an old new dirty word

  8. The sad thing is that they’ll win, here -in Maryland, that is. Gov. O’Malley will not inflict any sort of pain on the public service unions; instead, he’ll raise property taxes like they did for the last two years. (They just elevate the assessed value of the property so that the 90% Maryland Dem legislators don’t have to vote on the record for a tax increase on homeowners. Oh, I know… true market value has fallen off by at least a third but that didn’t stop the state from raising my assessment by 10% last year.)
    Oh, and the gasoline tax. (Yep, that’s right. Oil is up over $105 and gas prices around DC are in the $3.80’s but teachers need to make a good living while they’re home watching Ellen, so we drivers just gotta suck it up…)
    And sin taxes like alcohol and cigarettes. (Shhhh. Don’t tell the poor. Nothing to see here little people. Move along now.)

  9. Typical Lefty, butch female – ugly in spirit and disgusting throughout.

  10. This is my first time posting a response, although I’ve been reading this site and subscribing to it for some time. This “teacher’s” comments just made me absolutely ill. If I even made $34,000.00 a year, I would be so grateful, I’d work for my boss 20 hours a day! 🙂 And oonnllyyy $34,000.00 a year for her retirement? For sitting at home, doing nothing?
    That is entitlement thinking if I have ever heard it. Unfortunately, it isn’t anything unusual anymore. The entitlement mentality is so pervasive–it’s like a virus that has gone pandemic. I see it all the time, and it is the main underlying theme of America’s demise. It is this mentality that is not just destroying our economy, our morals, or our identity as a distinct nation and people, but the lives of individuals themselves. Oh the stories I could tell.
    I definitely have to agree with you guys about that nasty looking teacher. Bull dyke is the right term for her. One look at her should convince good parents to homeschool. I hate to know the damage that she is doing to little white boys, and there is so much of that going on, too. Parents, please get your children out of there.

  11. All I can say is, lady(and I use that term with bile creeping up my thoat)you are plain and simply an obnoxious greedy, ugly, hate filled bitch.
    Your mentality is exactly what is eating away at this country, ruining it for generations to come, like a cancer that devours a otherwise healthy body to the point of death.
    Yes I’m all for destroying public sector unions, taxpayers should not be paying your benefits, PERIOD!
    Tom in NC

  12. What a charming vocabulary this teacher has! “A**hole.” No wonder our students are foul-mouthed illiterates.
    News flash! You can bitch till the cows come home. But America is broke, the public feeding trough is empty.

  13. This teacher is a plant for the left? Real Teachers today, including her get $80,000 plus for retirement after 30 years of work.

    • Here in Seattle the average salary (plus benefits) for teachers is $72k/yr for 10 months work. And they always want more…


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