Entire Cabinet Quits in Palestine; Hamas Throws Temper Tantrum

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Via Drudge:
The Palestinian cabinet will tender resignations on Monday after which Prime Minister Salam Fayyad will select new ministers at the request of President  Mahmoud Abbas, political sources said.
The shake-up, disclosed to Reuters on Sunday, was long demanded by Fayyad and some in Abbas’s Fatah faction. It follows the fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to a popular revolt that has set off reform calls throughout the Arab world.
Fatah is the biggest rival to Hamas within Palestinian politics. Although it is far from an ally to Israel, it generally assumes the more moderate tone in contrast to Hamas’ militant fundamentalism.
While this started as a political move to pre-empt any populist uprising a la Egypt, it seems to be turning into a chance to wrench some power away from Hamas. There was supposed to be an election last summer that got “canceled” at the last minute as Hamas stubbornly held on to its power.

Hamas is not amused by this new move. The Jerusalem Post reports it threatened to boycott the results of any election it doesn’t approve of. Prime Minister Fayyad wants to hold a municipal election in July and then a Cabinet election in September.
He has until then to bring Hamas around.

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  1. One man, one vote, one time.
    And it already happened.


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