England’s NHS cancelled 70,000 operations last year due to lack of resources

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UK taxpayers cough up a lot of money for their socialized healthcare program known as NHS. Keep in mind that some 60% of the NHS budget is used to pay staff. And according to Wikipedia, The NHS is underresourced compared to health provision in other developed nations. A King’s Fund study of OECD data from 21 nations, revealed that the NHS has among the lowest numbers of doctors, nurses and hospital beds per capita in the western world. Nurses within the NHS maintain that patient care is compromised by the shortage of nurses and the lack of experienced nurses with the necessary qualifications.”

Ain’t socialized health care grand?

From Daily Mail: Almost 70,000 operations were cancelled in the NHS in England last year due to a lack of beds, staff or equipment, according to new figures.

The numbers, obtained by the Daily Mirror through Freedom of Information requests, were described by Labour as ‘nothing short of a scandal’.

And the true total could be higher, as only 138 out of 170 NHS trusts responded to the paper’s query.

In total, the trusts which replied reported 214,000 non-clinical cancellations in 2017/18, up 9% on the previous year and 29% on the 166,000 recorded in 2013/14.

Of these, some 29,869 were caused by a lack of beds – up 59% on the 18,783 seen in 2013/14. Staff shortages were blamed for 29,550 cancellations – up 73%. And 10,334 procedures were halted due to equipment or theatres being unavailable – a rise of 48%.

Shadow health secretary Jon Ashworth told the Mirror: ‘Behind these statistics are -thousands of people waiting longer and longer in pain and anxiety for an -operation, with huge risks their health will deteriorate further. ‘Ministers should hang their heads in shame for what they have done to our NHS.’

A spokesman for the NHS said: ‘Despite significant pressure, in England fewer than 1% of operations are postponed on the day, with just 0.9% cancelled in the last three months, and nurses, doctors and NHS leaders across the country are also rightly prioritising emergency patients over winter.’


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6 responses to “England’s NHS cancelled 70,000 operations last year due to lack of resources

  1. Elected to a majority in the House, Demonrats are talking about “single-payer”, i.e., nationalized or government health care plan again. Doesn’t matter that the UK’s NHS is dysfunctional.

    I wonder how many of the UK’s movie/TV actors/actresses, many of whom (like Hollywood) are pro-NHS, pro-open borders, anti-Brexit socialists, actually use the NHS? Or do they have private physicians? Certainly, the British royalty don’t use the NHS.

  2. Everyone, so it seems, keeps crowing for “free” health care. You want free? Grow a third nostril, because only air is free!

    THIS is what is wrong with nationalized single-payer health care. Not only does it make a person’s health care a matter of public record, but it puts the government in charge of paying for it. STOP. Right then and there, the government is constrained by that pesky little thing called MONEY. As in a supply of LIMITED MONEY.

    The entire paradigm is wrong. If we could only listen to Robert David Steele, we could open-source almost everything. This would reduce the size of government by more than half, and people could find other ways to subsidize healthcare without government interference and confinement to Benthamite economies of scale!
    BUT NO.
    The socialists—bug-eyed maniacs like Alexandria Molly Hatchet Cortez!—jump out of the woodwork by the thousands! Maniacs marching in the streets! Hell is empty and all the demons are here! (Should be hysterically funny, No?)

    That’s all right! Throw another five-year plan on the fire! (Could it be that history is a set of Pavlovian conditioning agreed upon???)

  3. National one-payer health care—ain’t it grand? A decade ago, my youngest was in a relationship with a Canadian girl working here in SoCal on a green card. Her mother experienced an uncomplicated break to her wrist, and, in response to the wait-time to treat it in Canada (after all, simple…non-life threatening, take a pain pill and go to the end of the line, wait days, maybe a week-s)….she flew to SoCal to “visit” her daughter, & went straight to an emergency room/had her broken wrist treated/ taken care of immediately. I don’t know if there is a reciprococity (repayment) arrangement between the US and Canada when “visitors” need medical treatment, or if she just outright paid for it (she could afford to do so as a member of a successful industrial/ commercially-marketed family business in Canada—-so, I’m thinking even a boatload of money couldn’t move her into the treatment line in Canada’s national health care system).

    Beware: the above is coming to a medical clinic near you here in the USA…..compliments of the Dimorats. (ONe of my son’s neighbors is a Dr. and does NOT accept anything but CASH anymore. He posts it in his office window.) It’s ALREADY “hit” here in SoCal with our socialized CA medicine for all, including illegals. My husband and I pay about $18,000 per year or more for our Kaiser health plan through our work (more for dental and vision added on to that) and we can’t get an appointment for either chronic or acute presentations with our Dr. The wait time is over a MONTH, sometimes TWO. The “urgent care” galleys are so overwhelmed that you have to be there at o’dark-thirty to even get in LINE (shades of the old USSR/present-day Russia) and there’s STILL a chance that you won’t be seen after waiting all day (has happened to me). I don’t EVEN have a Dr. in this system anymore, no matter what I pay, b/c mine retired this past summer. I got a letter about her retirement —(and, BTW, I’d only seen her 2x in the last decade for simple 20-minute office visits—so, I’m thinking, my payment to Kaiser for this out of the shared-fee payed by me and my husband was $45,000 per each of those 2 -20 min. simple office visits–such is “socialized medicine” b/c it’s really great if you don’t pay anything but need it/use it, and really stupid if you pay but can’t/don’t use it). But, I’ve not been assigned a new Dr. I don’t know what will happen if I need one. I think I’ll just dial “911.” SERIOUSLY….my husband and I have talked/planned to leave SoCal, in part, BECAUSE OF THIS situation. We are entering our “twilight years” when we might require some doctoring due to the march of time in our lives. When/if we retire, we have healthcare for life through a plan we established….but the “goal post” moved since we did that, so—-it’s turned out for us that, if you can’t see your provider b/c of nationally-instituted social-welfare that uses funds from YOUR established healthcare system that you planned for/paid for/provided, it doesn’t matter anyway—-it’s like having NO insurance, NO care, NO Dr. at all in the end. So, we plan to get out of CA and take our healthcare plan with us–to a place less populated, less inundated with illegals and “charity” MediCal who so often pass us to the “head of the line” due to extreme youth or extreme age ….. extreme irregularities in their health on either end of this age spectrum….This is what ALWAYS ends up “driving” one-payer health care systems: those who pay for it can not access it b/c those who don’t or can’t pay, clog the system up with their neediness wrought of irreverent, unhealthy, uneducated lifestyles, drugs/alcoholism that damage/span 3 and 4 generations, poor generational/gestational diets, smoking, esp during pregnancies, continued failed reproduction despite genetic counseling or in absence of…..gunshots wounds, knifings beatings, child abuse injuries, unattended-to minor injuries that escalate into life-threatening infections …….on and on…..all of these that supercede me and my husband’s flu, local infections, bronchitis/developing pnuemonias, UTI’s, aging /comfort problems, or…acute needs of any kind. We go to the back of the line…or to NEVER NEVER land. Want to know what I do a lot of the time? B/c both my husband & I have worked in the past in a US Public Health Service situation, If I’m pretty sure of what I need…..I go to the local feed/farm supply store and get the antibiotic that I need. I always have amoxicillin. I can always get tetracycline—-be CAREFUL w tetracycline b/c, unlike most others meds, when it passes its expiration date, it can become toxic…throw it out. The most useful, “Cipro,” I can’t get at the feed store. So, when my husband sees his Dr. (he is more successful at getting an appt. b/c he has a “professional courtesy” extended to him as he is a PhD/Dr., in an allied health field), he usually is successful in getting a supply of “Cipro” for when we have to travel out of state, for emergencies, or etc……If we don’t have to use it….we can keep it on hand for quite a while for emergencies (like, when we can’t see a Dr. for a month or two). In summary….gird your loins for the upcoming continued upheaval by the Dimorats on our health care. Study your PDR’s and find paliative drug supplies that don’t rely upon your inefficient/ineffective/over-burdened health “care” system. I predict that this is all coming to a venue near you….be prepared……b/c, God knows…..no one else is going to take care of you unless you legitimately have to dial the “911” system.

  4. Bird brain nuckle head Ocasio Cortes wants the “ freebies” for everybody.


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