End Taxpayer Funding of UN Climate Body!

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Did you know that our government has been forking over our tax dollars to the scandal-ridden UN climate change global warming body, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), to the tune of some $50 million since 1994? As if that isn’t bad enough, did you know that, despite the ever-increasing deficit and national debt, Obama has doubled those “contributions“?
The IPCC is mired in one scandalous revelation after another.
First, it was about the Himalayan glaciers (they’re not melting!). Then, it was about the Amazon rain forest (they’re not disappearing!). Next, it was about the Netherlands (20%, not 55%, of the country is below sea level!). Then we found out that the IPCC’s claim about electricity is full of errors. There are more mistakes lies. See my previous post “More Climate Change ‘Mistakes’ Uncovered.”
So we applaud Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas), a ranking member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, for his letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asking for an accounting of U.S. taxpayer support for the IPCC.
As reported by World Net Journal, Barton asks the State Department to stop any contributions until an up-to-date audit is released, citing climategate and increasing doubts about the validity of the science behind global warming:

“In recent months, the IPCC has come under significant criticism for the quality of its principal work product: the periodic assessments of the causes of climate change and related impacts from a changing climate. Various reports have identified problems concerning quality-control procedures, peer review, and political influence on the assessment writeups, raising serious questions about the scientific integrity of the enterprise.”

The congressman asks Clinton to provide details of U.S. funding and state what controls – if any – have been placed on the funds.
Tell Congressman Barton you support his letter. You can e-mail him HERE.
Mark Landsbaum has a handy summary in the Orange County Register of the many climate change scandals/frauds. Go HERE.

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