Empty promise: Michelle Obama's campaign to end veteran homelessness

The thought of so many veterans, who risked their lives for our country, being homeless, just breaks my heart. And at Christmas….
Shame on the Obamas and the Dept. of Veterans Affairs for their empty and broken promise.
Be careful with your charity donations to veterans groups, as you should with any and every charity group (source):
“But as a group, veterans charities are prone to abuse, profiteering and outright fraud, say philanthropy watchdogs. Almost half of the 39 veterans charities rated by the American Institute of Philanthropy in its April/May 2011 report received F grades, largely because they devoted only a small ratio of their expenses to charitable programs, in part due to excessive fundraising expenses…. Fisher House Foundation, the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society and the National Military Family Association, have been praised for assisting thousands of veterans.”
Before you donate, check with websites like Charity Navigator for an evaluation of charity organizations. Click here.

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5 years ago

I have a suggestion to help “michelle”…the vets can live in the white house, and if there isn’t enough room, then the obama’s can move out

5 years ago

Democrats’ favored solution for veteran homelessness would probably require contracting Dr. Kervorkian…