Emergency Preparedness Fits the FBI Terrorist Profile?

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Please note, I have only posted Part 1 of this video that defines the problem.  If you opt to click on  Part 2, it begins with a mention of Ron Paul’s position on the issue.
H/T Kelleigh

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5 responses to “Emergency Preparedness Fits the FBI Terrorist Profile?

  1. If you are burned, if you are missing fingers, if you have Ron Paul stickers on your car, if you have an American flag, if you have a pocket Constitution, you are a TERRORIST!
    Welcome to Obamaland. The United Soviet States of Obamaland.
    Read your Declaration of Independence and reflect on what the Obama (and Bush before him) has done to us.

  2. They’ve declared war on We the People with SB1867…
    and I don’t plan on spending the rest of my life in a
    POW camp…. I don’t don’t play well with others even
    when I’m in a cooperative mood :)…especially criminals

  3. Impeach. Invoke.

  4. Self-reliance, independence and common sense are security threats… just ask TSA.

  5. What total ROT!!!! Come and get me suckers. Got 3 weapons of destruction locked and loaded, not to mention my mace, pepper sprays, stun guns and cattle prod!!! Have a nice day FBI.


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