Emergency 911 Call – Woman too Drunk to Get out of Car

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Everett Woman Calls 9-1-1 After Trapping Herself Inside Own Car, Can’t Find Way Out


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4 responses to “Emergency 911 Call – Woman too Drunk to Get out of Car

  1. Thanks LTG!
    This is hilarious…some people just can’t handle their booze!

  2. Democrat Congress Woman.

  3. I’ve never run across a “kiddie switch lockout” that worked on the drivers door but I guess it could happen. I know how delighted my son is when he disables my window and door when we ride in his car….I suspect he’s getting even for the dreaded 3-point restraint in his car-seat when he was young (er). Then again it could have been a gray/blond moment 🙂 Got to love the disfunctional even if they probably voted for Skippy…bet we don’t hear this one in the Onstar adds.

  4. LOL – If she was that hammered, I wonder how many times she tried to dial 911 before she got it right?


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