Embattled Atlanta strip mall manager tasers out-of-control black mom

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A video of a black woman being tasered in front of her children by who appears to be a security guard at an Atlanta strip mall, is stirring much controversy on the web.
3 days ago, outside the 5 Point Plaza strip mall in Atlanta, Georgia, the mall’s on-set manager chastises a group of young black kids for making noise and being raucous.
As the kids continue to taunt the manager, two adult black women step in, threatening and yelling profanities at him: “Don’t yell at my motherf***ing kids! You’ll get beat!”
The manager repeatedly tells them to “back it up! You better back it up.” The children, encouraged by their mother to join the melee, call him racist and gay slurs  — although as you can see from the man’s arm in the video below, he’s also black.
Indeed he is. Here’s a screenshot I took from the third video below:
Darrien Long

Things get really ugly, beginning at around the 3:00 mark in the video below.
The woman steps through the door of the mall, rushes the manager and takes a swing at him. The children stay outside, yelling, “You gay, gay, gay, gay.”
After repeated warnings, the manager pulls out his Taser and shoots the woman, who immediately goes stiff on her feet before buckling down to the ground.

Now, the mall manager, whose name is Darrien Long, is getting threats and curses from other blacks.

What am I missing here? This wasn’t a racial incident. Do black Americans favor their children being raucous, disrupting public order, and spewing obscenities, while their mom threaten and shove a fellow black?
Darrien Long defends himself:

If Obama had another child, would s/he look like Darrien Long or the tasered welfare mom? Inquiring minds want to know. [Snark]
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0 responses to “Embattled Atlanta strip mall manager tasers out-of-control black mom

  1. The forces of incivility are greatly encouraged by Obama. His presence in the white house (how ironic) has emboldened people like Louis Farrakhan to allude increasingly to race war in our streets.

  2. After watching almost 15:00 minutes of the first two videos I’m still trying to figure out what was being spoken from the fine examples of urban males and females . Their ability to communicate in the English language is truly amazing . The only thing that was easy to understand was their dropping f-bombs every other word .
    One has to wonder how many fathers were involved .
    You got to love the way miss red shorts / white top went down to the pavement . That was hilarious .
    One other thing , whoever said ” THE APPLE DOESN’T FALL FAR FROM THE TREE ” must of had this event in mind .
    I wonder how many gov’t programs they are on ? They certainly have the attitude .

  3. Those feral abominations are truly Obama’s children. I watched the store video twice to see the reactions of the children to this horrifying display of “hood rat” behavior — it’s chilling to see that it’s simply “business as usual” to them.
    We are living in a “Mad Max” society of Obama’s design, and these kinds of people are beyond redemption. You can see it in their empty eyes; they will never be more than what they are.
    God love Darrien Long’s cool-headed take on confronting the rising tide of lawlessness in his hometown; he’s got cojones. I’m glad he’s got Mr. Sotomayor in his corner as a “brother.” He needs all the help he can get …

  4. You might be thinking of Wile E. Coyote !

  5. Ah, I can comment again. I’ve had computer trouble with safari since a virus protection update, finally figured out to go back to firefox to get in word press.
    This little “vignette”, of our inner cities, is truly telling of our current state of the union. But, I saw this morning, that people on reddit have collected 18K for Darren Long to buy better equipment. All is not lost…

  6. Darien Long took a lot off these women before he tasered the one. She took a swing at him more than once. I would have tasered her too. TJ Sotomayor is 100% right about the whole business of the incivility of so many. How can we break the cycle? And Obama, like so many other rabble rousing so called leaders ( you all can name them) egg this stuff on every day, making men and women such as the ones making problems in the video believe their behavior is righteous, and that they are entitled, and untouchable. What a shame. I count among my own friends, blacks who are some of the best people I have ever met. They too look at these people and disdain them.

  7. Is this really our future? Incivility, lawlessness, irresponsibility and teaching their children that this is proper behavior. No wonder this is from generation to generation. Raising a whole segment of society that feel they are blameless for their actions, have entitlement attitude that everyone else owes them. A “shocking” suprise wait for them when the money finally runs out. They will fight, riot and commit violence for their lack of responsiblity for their actions. What a world we have made, govt has made with our radical community organizers. This has been perpetuated over and over again. This is what we get. It is a sad, very sad day for all of us.

  8. What a fine specimen of motherhood! I would feel sorry for her kids, but it looks like they are on the fast track to be just like Mommy Dearest!!!

  9. I predict these kids have a bleak future…

  10. World Net Daily just picked up the story. Their title is “Star is born when security guard Tasers ‘crazy lady
    Read more at https://www.wnd.com/2013/02/star-is-born-when-security-guard-tasers-crazy-lady/#tX57T7SyqzWUf72m.99 “.

  11. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this informative post. The religion of radical secularism has spawned viciousness and entitlement: see what monsters it creates!

  12. I think she got what she deserved. The kids probably had 0 home training which is why they got talked to at the store. The mother set a horrible example. If my kids were acting so bad that someone other than me had to say something id kinda have to look inward…


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