Elvis Came to our 4th of July Picnic!

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The King lives on in the person of Shane Cobane!  He’s our local boy who reports traffic on KIRO Radio by day and performs as his idol, Elvis, at special events around the Greater Seattle area.  We had a blast when he stopped by our picnic!   LTG

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3 responses to “Elvis Came to our 4th of July Picnic!

  1. He’s good!

  2. lowtechgrannie

    Yes, and he’s a great guy, too. My neighbor is a friend of his family and got him to come to our picnic. The emails she forwards from him are very patriotic. He really played up to the audience. I’ve got seven clips on my Youtube channel. His performance lasted the better part of two hours! When he wiggled his hips in front of my 84-year old mother, I struggled not to laugh and ruin the camera shot. It was a great day.

  3. How fun!


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