Elitist Obama is No Man of the People

On Drudge Report’s frontpage today:

During first 36 days of Katrina, Bush made 7 visits to Gulf Coast… So far on Day 36 of BP oil leak, Obama has made 1 visit to disaster area…

And…he’s planning yet another vacation, in Chicago, for the Memorial Day extended “weekend,” arriving on Thursday and leaving Monday, which means Obama will skip the tradition of the President of the United States laying a Memorial wreath at the tomb to the unknown soldier in Arlington.  
Remember how the Punk was sold to America as for the “little guy” during the 2008 presidential election? That was a load of horse manure. As Quin Hillyer points out in “Obama’s Hackneyed Hypocrisy” in the American Spectator of May 13, 2010:

Who the hell does Barack Obama, this morally preening, arrogant hypocrite, think he is? His vacuous, demagogic shtick about helping the “people” fight “the powerful” is getting so old from his lips, and already was so hackneyed even before he expropriated it, that it’s a miracle that even he himself can say it anymore without getting nauseated by his own oleaginous triteness.
[…] Barack Obama has spent his whole adult life doing the bidding of powerful interests. At Harvard, that bastion of the powerful elite, he kissed up to enough factions to become president of the law review while actually writing next to nothing. In Chicago, he settled in tony Hyde Park with the help of a highly suspect sweetheart deal on his property, got an adjunct gig at the powerful University of Chicago, cultivated leftist elitists like Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn who sat on wealthy nonprofit boards, and chose the church of the wild and hateful Rev. Jeremiah Wright because it gave him a powerful entrée into the poor black community that he otherwise would lack if he spent all his time in Hyde Park. He himself noted that he didn’t really join a church until he appreciated “the power of the African-American religious tradition to spur social change.” This all was of a piece with his training as an acolyte of Saul Alinsky, who taught that power is its own justification. In the state legislature, Obama became a creature of powerful party leader and eventual Senate President Emil Jones. As Senator and president, he has consistently sided with the most powerful interests in his party, almost never lifting a finger without the approval of the powerful labor bosses (SEIU President Andy Stern was the first year’s most frequent outside visitor to the White House) or of the plaintiffs’ attorney lobby. He negotiated in secret with the pharmaceutical lobby; he was the second biggest campaign contribution recipient from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac sources, which helps explain why Fannie and Freddie keep getting more taxpayer loot while Obama’s administration cracks down on everyone else. Of course, Obama also is all too cozy with the only major investment bank that made out like a bandit in the past several years, Goldman Sachs. Meanwhile, ordinary citizens were ignored, steamrolled over, insulted, and threatened while Obamacare was passed by hook and crook.

It is useful to know that a lack of empathy is one of the defining attributes of  pathological narcissists and sociopaths — and Obama is both.
H/t beloved Fellowship members Doc’s Wife & May!

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10 years ago

Chicago politics… including Bill Ayers and wife, etc.

Ted Nougat
Ted Nougat
10 years ago

I posted this at Atlas a week or so ago:
“The One” is neither a man of industry nor sacrifice; he never produced anything in the private sector or served in the military. He drank deeply from the fount of Ideological Radicals in his formative years. He is a man of privilege who has played a system that rewarded him for his skin color. He is not a “Man of the People” but a “Man of the System” – neither a true worker nor server, but a Usurper. He is the Ideological Man, the “Theoretical” President.

10 years ago

the world is in turmoil,he needs to be removed and I don’t care how they do it.

Doreen Busch
10 years ago

fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com’s done it once more. Incredible article!

10 years ago

Mr. Obama, let us see all of your documents, your birth certificate, your educational and other records requested in the many lawsuits filed against you. After all, you claim that your administration is about transparency and openness-why will you not be transparent and open?
Frankly, the eyes being the window to the soul tells me a lot. His eyes frighten me.

10 years ago

Another excellent post! Agree 100% w/ Ted and Doreen — Barack Hussein Obama a.k.a. Barry Davis: Prince Hall Mason, Boule Society (Google Sigma Pi Phi, motto: Advisors To The King or permanent black overseers) Baphomet (devil horn) Sign Flasher, Zionist-funded, Jesuit Coadjutor, Zbig Brzezinski’s hand-picked puppet (ala Jimmy Carter) Master Hypnotist using Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) MK-Ultra Monarch Slave User/Abuser, pathological liar w/ NO allegiance to U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights, fiercely loyal to his Masonic Oaths and Jesuit-SMOM Knights of Malta masters Joe Biden man-behind-the-man. Function: continue playing role of POTUS convincingly, while neo-fascist twins Henry Kissinger/Zbig Brzezinski continue… Read more »