Another Conservative Voice Choked Out?

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Did Tech Giants Strike Again?

Real.Video is gone

I looked to today to catch some alternatives to the stuff on Youtube, and I found this! 

So my thoughts on this matter run in the direction of the sinister hand that tried this past year to kill It may be that this was just a venture that wasn’t paying off as hoped for, but I don’t think so right now.

Happily, is still in business, and doing the work of, so my initial alarm may be unfounded. 

So to continue with my rant, here is the rest of what I am thinking:

The stakes are high, and the “elites” are reportedly panicking. If that is so, they are more volatile and dangerous than ever. Perhaps something is about to be trotted out about HRC and some unspeakable activity (…most of us know what I am hinting at). And when HRC or POS Obama find someone putting a negative spotlight on them, people seem to die (…think Andrew Breitbart,  Anthony Bourdain, Seth Rich and Joan Rivers).

Worried? No. Let us choose to replace the fear of man with the fear of God.

“Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.”
– Matthew 10:28

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13 responses to “Another Conservative Voice Choked Out?

  1. It’s now formerly!

    • Thanks Jo! I had forgotten to check But when I did, they are still up and doing the former business of So my alarm may be unfounded after all.

  2. Steven Broiles

    I just checked and I found the same results.

    My knowledge is that is not the same as I may be wrong.

    I first discovered Mike Adams the Health Ranger on Alex Jones. He just guest-hosted Alex’s fourth hour this past Monday. I like Mike Adams a lot—he’s 100% honest and very well-informed, very principled. Mike Adams owns over 125 web sites, many of them (word).news—e.g.,, etc., etc. Please check him out as soon as you can.

    I never thought I’d see the day when I agreed with Fauxcahantas, Elizabeth Warren. Just the other day she announced that the Big Tech social media platforms, e.g., Facebook & Google, should be “broken up.” I agree: DOJ should serve them anti-trust suits. I never thought President Trump would cave on the Free Speech issue, but it appears he’s “gone sideways,” as Alex Jones is wont to say.

    This is more than just allowing us conservatives to speak—or allowing leftist freaks to demonstrate (peaceably): This is about the future of this Republic. Once we lose the First Amendment, IT’S OVER. For DECADES, the Left (the Oligarchs who own this whole country, really!) has endeavored to shave, whittle, and erode the Second Amendment. Now they’re going after the First AND Second Amendments, and that effectively means they’re going after the whole Bill of Rights.

    This really began under LBJ and has increased incrementally since Bush the Elder. Now they’re within INCHES of actually winning. They can TASTE the Victory their wicked blackened hearts desire!

    This is about our very SURVIVAL. In the meantime, please check out Mike Adams. He is the real deal, without the Alex Jones legendary foaming-at-the-mouth histrionics (which I actually like!)

  3. I think its past time for someone to do something about this. Censorship is categorically opposed to who we are. Allowing these companies to do this is like allowing monopolies to set prices or freely conspire to stifle speech.

    I would wager that if this were reversed and the Socialist’s speech was being throttled the screaming would be heard in Bolivia. We need to remember that these are not individual actions. These are considered actions by The Odor.

    Either these elements need regulation or competition. Either way it would be an improvement over what we’re seeing now.

  4. The jackals are now going after Tucker Carlson by denying him ads.

  5. The tech companies cannot ban people because they don’t like certain ideas. Even if they own the 21st Century public square, they cannot do that. This is settled law; check out Marsh vs. Alabama. This case involved a Jehovah’s Witness passing out religious materials on the streets of a privately owned company town that prohibited the practice. What Fakebook and company are doing amounts to the same thing.

    • Real Town vs. Fake

      I get so tired of this fire alarm being pulled. That was a town, an actual physical town that is a place where real people walk around, live, and do all the things that the US Constitution protects. These others are virtual towns. Legal matters are completely different in “pretend towns” as are Facebook, Google, etc. social media discussions and posts. They really can block all conservative voices if they like and don’t mind losing millions of subscribers and business. Political speech is not forbidden from prejudice. You can even rent out a home and say you will only rent it to Democrats. Of course if the big companies dropped half their subscribers, the shareholders would not stand for that so it’s not going to happen other than to those who are extreme, like Alex Jones who has proven to go overboard. To call this matter as one that we lose our country and all these other exaggerated claims is foolish. The internet is still there. Now if you want to make a case against Verizon or AT&T or any other internet provider you have the floor. We do not see the internet providers chilling free speech as they are physical providers that have cables, lines, interstate commerce laws they are based on that guarantee the “pipes” allow all communications though there are some exceptions just like there are in life.

    • Definitely a lot of censoring going on!

      __Within the past week, Michael Hoffman tweeted that Amazon banned 2 of his (((books))).

      __Within the past 1-2 days, Kevin McDonald tweeted that Amazon banned his (((Culture of Critique))) book.

      __Also in the past 24-hours or so, Twitter announced it will stop displaying the numbers of Likes & Retweets on individual tweets, & will initiate its “Healthy Content” (read: Censorship) program.

      __Yesterday, FB & Instagram were down many hours (9 hours at least, per the last tweet I saw mentioning it). Paul Joseph Watson was evidently going bonkers, per one tweeter, without his FB access, lol. Wm. Gheen of was on Rense last night & he mentioned his FB being down; he thought FB was messing with his account specifically & on purpose, but maybe not if it was a system-wide down-time.

      __Either way, another tweet said that the Telegram site+app gained 3 Million new sign-ups due to FB being down. (One man’s “bad luck” is another man’s jackpot!)


      In related news, Alex Jones yesterday publicly denounced @POTUS for not doing anything re #BigTech Censorship, especially re those who supported him & have suffered for it censorship-wise. Jones officially jumped off the #TrumpTrain.

      Amother tweet I saw said that “Anti-Trump people IN THE WHITE HOUSE” (??!) were trying to keep @Potus from signing a Free Speech EO.

  6. There’re no coincidences when it comes to Leftists– not good to be paranoid, but they’ve (repeatedly) made it so easy.

  7. is the same as former as Mike Adams had announced it was just a name change.


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