Elephants help another after it collapsed, while hundreds of U.S. college students watch woman get raped

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Peter Holley reports for Washington Post, April 12, 2015, that authorities have arrested three men in connection with a brutal sexual assault that took place in front of hundreds of spring breakers on a Florida beach last month. The three are:

  1. George Davon Kennedy, a student at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tenn.
  2. Delonte’ Martistee, 22, a student at Troy University.
  3. Ryan Austin Calhoun, 23, also a student at Troy.

George D. Kennedy, Delonte Martistee, Ryan A. Calhoun
All three men are charged with sexual battery by multiple perpetrators.
In a statement released to CNN, Troy University confirmed that the two men are enrolled at the school. “The students have been placed on temporary suspension from school per the university’s standards of conduct and disciplinary procedures. Martistee, a member of the track and field team, has also been removed from the team.”
This week, the Bay County Sheriff’s Office released new footage and details from the assault, which occurred sometime between March 10 and 12 on a beach in Panama City, Fla. In the video, several men can be seen surrounding the victim, according to the Panama City News Herald.
“As she tries to remove their hands from her genital region,” the Herald reported, “utterances to the effect of ‘she isn’t going to know’ can be heard from the men.”
Ruth Corley, spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office, told CNN that the video shows men holding down the legs and pushing away the hand of an incapacitated woman on a beach chair within two feet of other spring breakers. Investigators believe the people near the assault knew what was occurring but did nothing to stop it.
Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen described the video, which was discovered by police in Alabama investigating an unrelated shooting, as the “most disgusting, sickening thing” he had ever seen. “There’s hundreds, hundreds of people standing there — watching, looking, seeing, hearing what’s going on,” McKeithen said. “And yet our culture and our society and our young people have got to the point where obviously this is acceptable somewhere. I will tell you it is not acceptable in Bay County.”

The woman discovered she was the focus of a sexual assault investigation while she was watching the news and recognized her tattoos, according to CNN. After contacting police, the victim later told investigators that she didn’t remember the assault and may have been drugged.

About 100,000 spring breakers descend upon Panama City each year, unleashing chaos on the community and police. This year, CNN reported, “the Bay County Sheriff’s Office made more than 1,000 arrests for various crimes — about triple the number of arrests made in the same period last year.”
McKeithen told CNN that investigators continue to pore over social media accounts, where they are finding more instances of incoherent women being sexually assaulted on camera in front of numerous witnesses. “This is not the first video we’ve recovered,” he said. “It’s not the second video. It’s not the third video. There’s a number of videos we’ve recovered with things similar to this, and I can only imagine how many things we haven’t recovered.”
Meanwhile, we are waiting with bated breath for Obama to say:
If I had a son

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0 responses to “Elephants help another after it collapsed, while hundreds of U.S. college students watch woman get raped

  1. very disturbing…I’m glad the thugs were arrested. I wish our youth treated their bodies with the same love and respect as God when He created us.
    Hedonism (satanism) pure and simple.

  2. “The women of this country learned long ago, those without swords can still die upon them.”
    ― Eowyn, The Two Towers

  3. …and Obama would look just like the drugged Woman,only smiling.

  4. This is yet another dividend on the War on Whitey, plain and simple. The narrative of White Guilt drones on.
    Meanwhile, hopefully, these goons will get prison, where they’ll get theirs.

    • Yes Steven agree with you . . . my hope is that they “get it, rough and often” once they get to the Big House. That our nation’s young people, regardless of race would participate in this act is heinous. Those who stood by and did nothing were also participants, and they will stand one day to answer for their misdeed.

  5. When this beach was filled with only white southern kids, it was clean and safe.

  6. and I’ll say it for the umpteenth hundred time “Man is the worst beast on the face of the planet …. animals don’t do what man is able to do” These stupid young men just ruined their lives and I’m sure their momma’s taught them better then that …. life is full of little choices with great big consquences …… hope these boys enjoy ‘D the ones they chose.

  7. So much for Spring break.
    Unfortunately some individuals allow themselves to become incoherent.
    And even more unfortunately, no one steps up to protect those that do.
    I am reminded of the rape of Kitty Genovese in NYC around 1960.
    Too many people find it convenient not to get involved or to look
    the other way.
    However, I once interfered on the Long Island RR when a black teen was
    accosting and hovering over a white college coed. The black teen got
    belllgerent and someone called the conductor (some coward whom I must have disturbed by my willingness to engage. The conductor asked the
    girl, who was obviously being harassed, if there was anything wrong
    and she indicated that there was no problem. The conductor asked
    me if I thought this was Death Wish? I responded that It would be if the kid continued to harass the girl whom I also advised that the situation could be very different if no one interferred. She became very smug and the black
    kid became obnoxious to me after the conductor left and carried on until his
    stop Wyandanch (a black area was reached). When he was about to leave
    he said that he would kill me so I gave him my address loud and clear
    and I advised him to try and bring his parents so they could enjoy the
    site of him being barbecued tied to a tree. The other passengers
    (cowards) acted as if I was the antagonist. I am convinced, knowing
    that young blacks know what they can get away with under the law
    would have convinced (dragged) the girl off the train and she would
    have become a missing victim (it was a Saturday and there were not many

  8. It appears she was drugged w/o consent, so everything that followed violated all of her being. Period. These creeps were wrong from the get-go, and even before, as they wanted a victim. Ten years in Maximum should curb their lust.

  9. There are no words to describe how I feel about this and as for those who watched, shame on them! “THE ONLY THING NECESSARY FOR EVIL TO THRIVE IS THAT GOOD MEN DO NOTHING!” Edmund Burke.


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