Elementary school suspends student for pointing a pencil

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A pencil is now considered an assault weapon in Driver Elementary School, Suffolk, Virginia.
Driver School boy
Patriot Action Network‘s Darla Dawald reports that the school suspended a 7-year-old student because he pointed a pencil at another student and made a gun sound.
Dawald got a confirmation of the suspension from Bethanne Bradshaw, spokesperson for Suffolk Public Schools.
Bradshaw said that the boy had violated the school district’s “zero tolerance policy” because “a pencil is a weapon when it is pointed at someone in a threatening way and gun noises are made.” Bradshaw also said that the zero tolerance policy could also apply to a drawing of a gun on a piece of paper or making a “bang bang” gun sign with one’s hand because a student doing that could have violent thoughts.
Suffolk School DistrictSuffolk Schools Superintendent Deran Whitney (l); Community Relations Officer Bethanne Bradshaw (r). [Source of photo: Suffolk News-Herald]

Here’s contact info:

Driver Elementary School
Principal: Melodie Griffin
Address: 4270 Driver Lane, Suffolk, Virginia 23435
Phone: 757.923.4106
Fax: 757.538.5407
Email: melgriffin@spsk12.net

Suffolk Public Schools
Address: 100 N. Main St., Suffolk VA 23434
phone: (757) 925-6750
fax: (757) 925-6751
Superintendent: Dr. Deran R. Whitney
Email: derwhitney@spsk12.net

Community Relations Officer: Bethanne Bradshaw
Email: betbradshaw@spsk12.net


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0 responses to “Elementary school suspends student for pointing a pencil

  1. Wow, this kids is my youngest son’s age!
    I remember boys doing this when I was in school. My how times have changed.

  2. When these reports of kids being expelled or suspended for playing like normal children first came out, I was outraged. Now I think it might be a good thing. I think it will force more of the public to recognize how twisted our society has become, and how out of control our teacher’s unions and school administrations really are.
    It might contribute to more people waking up, and more kids being home-schooled. If these teachers and administrators are this brain dead, then I think all of these kids are better off elsewhere. Maybe it will inspire more patriots to run for election in local school boards.
    Someone here, on a different post, used the term Educated Idiots. It describes this latest example perfectly.

  3. traildustfotm

    Why I picked up my trusty Number 2B, and told that varmint, “One more move and I’ll fill ya full of graphite.”

  4. I sent them a thought;
    You people are a disgrace.
    I hope your over zealous, hate filled intolerance climbs up your ass and devours you from inside, for surely you are dead and rotting in spirit and mind. What miserable examples you are of what to strive for.
    Probably land me on some list somewhere, but what the hell, I’m probably on dozens anyway.

  5. You just have to ask yourself . . . doesn’t Superintendent Whitley just look like he is one brick short of a load? With this kind of “superintending,” it rather proves the point. This is disgraceful. That these “well intentioned” people would harass and mentally harangue little children–it’s really over the top! The people in this school district need to rise to the occasion and put a stop to this kind of lunacy.

  6. This is sheer insanity on the part of public school staffs. Did these teachers, administrators ever do anything creative or imaginative as a child? Probably not. And to think they get paid from your tax dollars for this absurd nonsense. I’m glad my kid’s grown and out of the public schools, but my heart goes out to the kids and their parents who have to put up with this. Whew!!

  7. I guess it is a ‘good’ thing that he used a standard single shot #2 lead pencil instead of one of those mechanical ‘assault pencils’ with the large capacity lead refill and ‘automatic’ reloading capability………………(snark)

  8. I keep thinking about the little boy – what goes on his record and does this follow him the rest of his life? Talk about idiocy! We had five sons (now in their 50s) and they’d all be arrested if they were in today’s schools!

    • I can shed a little light. A child and 2 friends (one w/ learning disabilities) decided it’d be funny to cut out of the lunch line b4 paying (1st offense). They were ALL charged by police with theft and MUG-SHOTS taken at POLICE STATION. The charges were removed if they no longer got into any trouble. Northeastern High School, Manchester, PA. PATHETIC.

  9. that guy looks like bender from futurama

  10. These two will be the co-stars of the movie ” DUMB AND DUMBER ” Part 2 or ” TWO FLEW INTO THE CUCKOOS NEST ” .
    Another in a very long line of examples of p.c. , gov’t education/indoctrination , and zero tolerance madness run amok .
    I hope it doesn’t get to the point where some poor child breaks wind in class and gets accused of using a ” Weapon of Mass Distraction ” !!!

  11. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this remarkable post. I have not heard of anything more ridiculous, especially since a little boy is involved. God help us from these alleged self-righteous Pharisees!

  12. odd how it is every time some school system in this country makes some bizarre ruling the person in charge happens to be black.

  13. Zero tolerance for a child age 7 role playing adult behavior that is seen on TV,movies, etc. Really! When are adults going to take responsibility for guiding and counseling children rather than use them as public examples to make a statement. Fix our sick society and nurture young children to become good citizens. Kicking young children out of school does not fix the problem
    Notice the child’s hat. Could parents be military? What do they use in their line of work to protect our country?


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