Elementary school got rid of God from song

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Fox News reports, April 5, 2012, that Stall Brook Elementary School in Bellingham, Massachusetts, finds God so offensive that they sought to replace “God bless the U.S.A.” in Lee Greenwood’s famous song with “We love the U.S.A.”
Greenwood has said this about his song “God Bless the U.S.A.”:
“The most important word in the whole piece is the word GOD, which is also in the title “God Bless the USA”. We can’t take God out of the song, we can’t take GOD out of the Pledge of Allegiance, we can’t take GOD out of the American currency.”
Here’s contact info for Stall Brook Elementary School:

342 Hartford Avenue
Bellingham, MA 02019
Ph: 508-966-0451
Fax: 508-966-4679

Diana Beck

Dr. Diana Beck has been Stall Brook Elementary School’s principal (since June 2010). Her email address: dbeck@bellingham.k12.ma.us
Responding to the public uproar over the word substitution, Edward L. Fleury, Superintendent of Bellingham Public Schools, released this statement:

Bellingham Public Schools Press Release

Political correctness is certainly a consideration in the public sector. There are traditional parts of our culture that are sacred, and we certainly had no intent to disrespect any part of that culture. The intent of the planned event is to celebrate the knowledge gained by fourth grade students studying the 50 states in a school event with their parents next week. The students will be singing two songs at the assembly. One will be a song about the 50 states, and the other will be “God Bless the USA.” Students will be allowed to sing or not sing the words “God Bless the USA” as they sing in celebration of their acquired knowledge. No other words will be substituted. We believe the use of the word God is acceptable in patriotic songs. The district has no intent to censor any patriotic songs. We are certainly sorry if this approach was perhaps considered as disrespectful. That was never the intent.

Edward L. Fleury
Superintendent of Schools
Bellingham Public Schools
Keough Administration Building
60 Harpin Street
Bellingham, Massachusetts 02019
Telephone: 508-883-1706

And here’s the official music video of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.”!


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0 responses to “Elementary school got rid of God from song

  1. are you kidding me !!! How sad to think my son risked his life in Afghanistan so that people could be this ridiculous!!! Seriously !!! Shame on you!!!

    • Be sure to thank him for his service for me,Cathy.
      How sad that some people seem so willing to display
      their ignorance and ingratitude….just wrong in so many ways.

  2. That cannot be done. God “Is” the Song of all life.

  3. Pathetic….
    PC-infected public schools are ruining our kids.

  4. Ms. Beck instead of monitoring a song meant to lift the spirits of Americans. Why don’t you spend more time monitoring education. If you haven’t noticed our school systems are failing. And, you just proved why they are!!!!

  5. Ms. Beck,
    Please align your thinking with the “Spirit of America,” which is the slogan for the state of Massachusetts! I am grieved that anyone in education would assume a stance such as the one you have taken. Since I grew up in Massachusetts, it is even more troubling to me. God is the very heart of our nation and of the state of Massachusetts. When the name ‘God’ is used, it should never be as a by-word or swear word. Rather, it is specifically referring to the Judeo-Christian God, not some idol or false God! Please refrain from attempting to be politically correct and attempt to be honor God if not for your own well -being, at least out of respect for those of us who do and maintain the “Spirit of America.”
    Lyle Sweeney


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