Elections Clerk Willing to Testify Obama Not Born in Hawaii

This is a follow-up on Tim Adams, who said he knows Obama was not born in Hawaii.
As Honolulu’s Chief Elections Clerk in 2008, Adams had access to all the database to verify any voter’s identity and birth. Now an English instructor at Western Kentucky University, Adams unequivocally said the Hawaii state government does not have an original long-form birth certificate or a birth hospital or an attending physician for Obama. (See my previous post on this HERE.)
Adams said he is willing and prepared to testify in court about all this.
But Adams is not what the liberal socialist MSM mockingly call a “birther.” He says while he’s certain Obama was not born in Hawaii, he believes Obama is indeed a U.S. citizen because his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was born an American.
Adams says he simply wants to see the truth come out and have the controversy over natural-born citizenship and presidential eligibility resolved once and for all:

“It’s come to the point where it’s a monster, and it’s time to kill it. Solve the problem so that everyone can get back to cooperating to improve the country.”

We on the Fellowship of the Minds want this issue resolved once and for all in the interest of Truth and Justice and the integrity of our Constitution. Secrecy’s purpose is to conceal lies and untruths. And the only antidote to secrecy is Light.
The Good do not shun the Light. Only Evil flees the Light to seek shelter in Darkness.
To read the WND article, CLICK HERE.

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this seems a bit fishy………
so, he wasn’t born in Hawaii..but…. I thought that while his mother was a US citizen, since she was underage there was some sort of problem with that, resulting in Obama not being a Natural Born Citizen , and then…why all the subterfuge…why spend 1 million + hiding documents…..
why did Tim Adams bring all this up if he thinks Obama is a citizen…what was the point?