Election 2014: If you vote Democrat, you're going to Hell

This is Fellowship of the Minds’ flyer for the 2014 mid-term election, in the form of 6 scrolls. (Click each scroll for an enlarged image.)
Please spread the word via email and social media. And if you can afford it, please download and print these 6 scrolls, make copies, and give them to your friends and neighbors.
Thank you.
~Mike & Eowyn
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25 responses to “Election 2014: If you vote Democrat, you're going to Hell

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    With what the Progressive’s have done to the Democratic party its hard to dispute that a vote for them will send you to hell!

  2. What has to be done is to eliminate the Kenyan in the WH. Nothing short of that will stop what this demonically possessed filth has wrought on this land. That he has tax payer subsidized body guards while doing all this has to be one of Satan’s more delicious ironies.

  3. No argument here…

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    Think long and hard before you VOTE for a Democrat

  5. The Democrats have become the Demoncrats!

  6. This is an excellent writeup about how you cannot be a Christian and a Democrat at the same time. Anyone who thinks they are, is getting one or the other (or maybe both) *very* wrong.
    It does stop short of one important thing, though. Salvation is by God’s grace, paid for by the blood of Jesus shed for all of us. Through Him all sins can be forgiven, even the sin of sponsoring mass infanticide by voting Democrat.

  7. Outstanding.

  8. Here’s the problem as I see it. Yes, I agree with you that a vote for almost any Democrat would be a sin at this point. (Unless that Democrat has a proven pro-life record. If there is such an animal, I’d like to know). But voting Republican is no guarantee of safety, either. Follow the money: Do some GOP House members and Senators vote to fund Planned Parenthood? If so, you can’t vote for them, either.
    And it’s not just a matter of not voting for any one individual: Government policy is essentially pro-death at this point. How can we cooperate with a government that interferes with church life (any church) via the current IRS 503(c) rule? What about other government policies and funding?
    At this point, I would also like to point out that the Bush Machine still influences behind the scenes. The Bushes ARE NOT pro-life, nor are they conservative.
    So I would say it’s hopeless at this point!

    • “The Bushes ARE NOT pro-life”
      I loathe Bush Sr., but Pres. George W. Bush did see to the passage of and signed the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, for which I remain grateful. This is the same law against which then Illinois state senator Barack Obama 3 times voted, thereby, 3 times voted for infanticide. In other words, you are wrong: George W. Bush is pro-life. In contrast, the Democratic Party is officially pro-abortion.
      “But voting Republican is no guarantee of safety, either.”
      Voting Democratic is CERTAIN guarantee of voting for evil.
      My Lord, Jesus the Christ, clearly and unequivocally instructed me that I must love God with my whole heart, my whole soul, and my whole mind. I am staunchly and will forever be against voting for evil, even if it means my own death. Until the United States stops being a de facto two-party system, that’s the choice we voters have — to vote for the imperfect Republicans. Steven, by your wishful thinking that there is a perfect political party, you are casting despair and hopelessness — which plays precisely into the hands of our far greater enemy, the Democrats.

      • All right, George W. Bush did sign that bill into law. Regardless, he lied America into two illegal wars. So although he may say—or actually be—pro-life on the abortion issue, he doesn’t seem pro-life to me due to the two wars he got us into.
        As for the two-party system, it seems to me that when anyone “votes for the lesser of two evils,” he winds up with—evil. I still say that we are being manipulated, one way or another, “from above,” as it were, by a system with evil people running it, dragging us further down into a moral abyss.

        • And the other thing you mention, Dr., is that you “loathe” Bush, Sr. George Herbert Walker Bush may no longer be in office, but he has figured out to keep causing trouble long after he’s gone, due to his influence. You don’t want to cooperate with the man’s influence, do you? I certainly don’t!
          Notice, also, I agree with you about the Democrats. I said “IF there is such a [pro-life Democrat], I’d like to know.” The statement was rhetorical!

          • Steven,
            The problem with the purist posture you’ve assumed in your comments is this:
            Since we are stuck with a 2-party system, there being no viable third party, if we listen to you, we won’t vote, WHICH MEANS THE EXPONENTIALLY MORE EVIL DEMOCRATS WILL CONTINUE TO RULE.

          • Steven, I agree with Dr. Eowyn. I have a number of friends who have thrown away their votes on each presidential election by demanding perfection. That’s how H. Ross Perot accidentally helped Bill Clinton defeat George H. W. Bush. Perot made sense on a number of issues, but didn’t have a chance of winning the general election. Bush, however disappointing, would have been preferable to Clinton.
            Clinton won. And we Americans lost. We ended up with a criminal gang in the white house, with our FBI politicized and corrupted, with Janet Reno sending the ATF to kill everyone in an off-beat religious cult. And worst of all, Clinton sold technology to the bellicose Chinese military that they wouldn’t have been able to develop for themselves for another 10 or 20 years. And let’s not forget the Balkans War that Clinton waged, siding with the muslims against the Christians, on false accusations of genocide, and all for the sake of distracting the press from his affair with a young intern.
            Yup, Bush senior doesn’t look so good, but Clinton makes him look like a Saint.
            So tomorrow, I’ll be voting for disappointing Republicans, so I can free this country from the death grip of the Democratic Party.

        • You offer no viable alternative or solution, other than cynicism, despair, and apathy.

  9. Says it all very eloquently!!

  10. One of the biggest problems around is conservatives who can’t see the difference between the demoncrats and the GOPe.They are too lame to get a good conservative candidate nominated in the primaries so when they get a rino they just thumb suck, stand in a corner and don’t vote.It’s a huge problem. Probably cost the election along with fraud in 2012.

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  13. This is so awesome, I just wonder if I could grow a pair to post it on Facebook. Weeks ago I posted a bible verse against homosexuality on a news article about two men “marrying” each other, and had too much of my info public at the time, and people actually called my office of employment and wrote bad reviews and tried to get me fired.

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