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Actress Julianne Moore Disgusted By Partisan Politics
From ABC News:  In an interview with four-time Oscar nominated actress Julianne Moore she was quite candid about her feelings with regards the current political climate.  She says that it’s “most disappointing how partisan it’s become.”   She goes on the say that we are supposed to be the country of the UNITED STATES, greater than the sum of our parts, but that we have become divisive, with self-interest and special interests seeming to dominate.  
She says, “I’m really disgusted. I really feel kind of ashamed.”  Julianne Moore suggests that leadership is not about making more noise but about electing people who will take care of us.  She has just released a new children’s book, the third of a series.  It is called Freckleface Strawberry: Best Friends Forever.  Themes of inclusion and self-acceptance are paramount. (According to the one review of the book on Amazon, the main boy character, “Windy Pants”, has two moms.)
She states, “…be greater than the sums of our parts and to be able to work together to create a whole that benefits the majority of the people.  Taxation is that we are going to give a portion of our income to the government of the US…to  benefit  all of us, this idea that some of us pay more, some people pay less..blah, blah, blah, it’s like I don’t understand it and there’s got to be an end to it.”
Just so you know, Julianne Moore is part of the 1%.  She has a net worth of $40 million.  She also plays Sarah Palin, the “divisive” politician, in HBO’s Game Change.  She is a liberal that in the past supported John Kerry.
May I suggest two things to Ms. Moore: First: We don’t elect leaders to “take care of us”.  We elect them to abide by the laws of the land and govern according to the U.S. Constitution.  We elect leaders to protect our freedoms and our country. 
Secondly, you are concerned about the divisive state of our country? About those with self-interest?  I suggest you take a look at the current leadership of this country for plenty of examples of that exact  behavior.

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Mike Griffin
Mike Griffin

I do not want to be taken care of by the government.
I want them to leave me alone. I can find my own destiny just fine.

Dr. Eowyn

Julianne Moore has been writing too many children’s books. She is confusing the government with a mommy or daddy.
I “ditto” what Mike Griffin wrote. I’m an adult, not a child. I don’t need gubmint to “take care” of me; I can do that very well myself, thank you very much. When the gubmint says it’ll “take care” of me, strangely I can feel its hand in my pocket.


Damn, who died and made her my mother?!


I wish government didn’t even know I was alive.