Elderly Americans increasingly are assaulted in public places

Elderly people increasingly are targeted for physical assaults in America.
3 days ago, I did a post on the vicious assault of an elderly man in an Applebee restaurant in Port Orange, Florida.

Mikie Sawyer's mug shot

Mikie Sawyer’s mug shot

On Sept. 28, 2014, 80-year-old Harry Sander was at the bar of Applebee’s when he heard a young man cursing and spewing obscenities. So Sander approached Mikie Sawyer, 26, and politely asked him if he could please stop using the “fuck” word and stop talking so loudly about “titties and ass.”
Sawyer punched Sander in the face and pushed the elderly man to the floor. Sander was treated for his injuries by emergency medical services. Police later apprehended Sawyer during a traffic stop and arrested him on a felony charge for disorderly conduct and battering a person over the age of 65.
On April 8, 2014, in a restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas, an elderly couple (74-year-old Don and 69-year-old Betty Francis) made the mistake of asking a black woman at a nearby table, 33-year-old Jocelyn Thornton, to refrain from cursing while talking on a cell phone.
In a rage, Thornton got in the face of Betty and assaulted her.
Thornton was arrested and charged with felony battery and misdemeanor assault.
In the previous two cases, the victims did something to earn the assailants’ ire. In other cases of elderly assault, however, the attacks are random and completely unprovoked. Like predators in the animal kingdom, the human assailants attack the elderly because they are weak and vulnerable and unlikely to fight back.
Last Tuesday, Sept. 30, at 9:30 am in downtown Berkeley, CA, an 85-year-old woman was walking with a family member. As they walked by the brightly-lit shop windows of a Walgreens drug store, the two women passed a black woman pushing a shopping cart used by homeless people. The assailant turned around and struck the elderly woman from behind, knocking her to the pavement.
Berkeley random attack
The vicious assault was captured by a surveillance camera. Click here to watch the video.
The 85-year-old woman has suffered serious injuries and is hospitalized. Police released the video last night, with an appeal to the public for information on the assailant. Here’s a surveillance camera’s still shot of the assailant and her description:
Berkeley random attack1
A month ago, a 74-year-old white woman was knocked unconscious by a young black man in a Publix supermarket in Ocoee, Florida. Here’s a video uploaded to YouTube with the surveillance footage of the attack.
Bravo to the black man kasuwelltv3 who made the above video, at the end of which he decried the welfare parasites and urged every American to arm him/herself.
The above are just a few examples I’ve found from a quick Internet search.
Public places in America increasingly are unsafe, especially for the elderly, who are prey for vicious human predators.
See also:

UPDATE (Oct. 8):

Nancy Jo McClellan

Nancy Jo McClellan

Add 72-year-old Nancy Jo McClellan to the list of victims.
On Sept. 19, 2014, in broad daylight at 4:30 pm not far from a BART station in Berkeley, CA, McClellan was stabbed twice in her throat by 18-year-old Kamau Berlin. Berlin had tried to steal McClellan’s Honda, but couldn’t start the car. So he put her in the car’s back passenger seat and stabbed her throat, severing her carotid artery.
McClellan never recovered from her wounds and died in the hospital on Oct. 7, 2014.
Kamau Berlin

Kamau Berlin

Berlin is charged with attempted murder, including enhancements for the use of a knife, committing a violent crime on the elderly, and inflicting great bodily injury; as well as attempted carjacking with a deadly weapon.

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Gunny G
5 years ago
5 years ago

Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses.

American Patriot
5 years ago

I’m almost 60. In the first incident, I don’t think I’d have personally approached the 26 yr old punk. I think I would have called the manager over and asked him or her to handle the situation in that case. It was, after all, a restaurant and basically “private property” owned and operated by AppleBees. If they refused, I’d have gotten up and left, and not paid my bill, telling them that I would refuse to pay for services I didn’t receive. At the very least I’d have asked for a comp on the meal and told the manager I… Read more »

5 years ago

Mikie Sawyer looks like a real idiot or in other words an Obama voter. This is probably a kid that skated through the time when it was taboo to spank children and now we have a whole generation of these fools. No one has ever corrected them and they feel entitled to do what they want. He certainly has never been taught respect for anything or anyone, perhaps jail will change that for him.

5 years ago
Reply to  Northerngirl

Jail I fear will only teach him “Survival of the fittest”. What he calls “respect” is only fear of (fill in the blank). He will probably never know what “respect” is.

5 years ago

I’m just over 60, and I’m a double amputee. That makes me extremely vulnerable to bullies and the like. Fortunately, I have carried a weapon my entire life, and have shot in competitions for over 45 years. So even though I’m a lot slower than I used to be, and my eyesight isn’t as good as it once was, I can still shoot faster and more accurately than 90% of the population, including the cops. So these days, I don’t even put a toe outside the front door without being loaded. I was out in the garage one afternoon, and… Read more »

Steven Broiles
5 years ago

When are people going to wake up and understand that we cannot depend on government? We cannot depend on government to protect us, to feed us, to house us. In fact, we cannot depend on government for our moral guidance. Welcome to the Culture of Death and its many masks!

5 years ago

Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most important post. These events are just terrible, full of hatred and cowardice. As we are aware, the devil inspires people to destroy and hurt the vulnerable.

5 years ago

Elderly people need to learn how to defend themselves.
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