Eisenhower Produced His Birth Certificate

If Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower (5-star General, Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe in WWII, and 34th President of the United States of America 1953-61) produced his birth certificate to certify his constitutional eligibility for the presidency, why is Barack Caliph Obama (Chicago U. Law School lecturer, not professor; 2-year junior Senator from Illinois) exempt?
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Ike needed birth certificate to run for president

“Ike had nothing to hide!”

By Linda Bentley – Sonoran News – September 22, 2010

CAVE CREEK – Glen Fairclough, a reader from Salt Lake City, Utah, sent us an e-mail last week….  while going through digital images online of his hometown newspaper, the Desert News and Telegram, Fairclough forwarded us a United Press wire article from the Oct. 2, 1952 edition he thought we would find interesting.
The article appeared on page 6A with a dateline of Sherman, Texas. It was headlined: “General’s birth certificate officially filed,” and stated:

“A certificate recording Dwight Eisenhower’s birth in Denison on Oct. 14, 1890, was filed Wednesday [Oct. 1, 1952] in the Grayson County Clerk’s office.
Nobody had bothered to make out a certificate when the Republican presidential candidate was born in a house at the corner of Lamar and Day streets in nearby Denison.
A copy of the certificate filed Wednesday was mailed to Mrs. Eisenhower in Denver. Eisenhower’s older brother, Arthur, signed the certificate. It was also signed by the Grayson County Judge J.N. Dickson and recorded by County Clerk J.C. Buchanan.”

David Dwight Eisenhower was the third of seven boys born to David Jacob and Ida Elizabeth. Since he was called Dwight while growing up, Eisenhower swapped his first and middle names when he enrolled at West Point Military Academy.
Elected 34th president of the United States in November 1952, Eisenhower made it through his first 62 years without any need for a birth certificate. However, the need arose when he became a presidential candidate. Since Eisenhower was the oldest man to be elected president since James Buchanan over 100 years earlier, age was obviously not at issue. Instead, there was protocol in place for presidential candidates to provide proof of eligibility to appear on the ballot. […]
See the original Oct. 2, 1952 United Press wire article here: https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=jbMwAAAAIBAJ&sjid=RU4DAAAAIBAJ&dq=local%20births%201952&pg=6769,300677

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0 responses to “Eisenhower Produced His Birth Certificate

  1. I think that the standards aren’t being enforced. Once upon a time medical records, birth certificates, eligibility etc.etc… was scrutinized before a candidate could run. Now noone seems to live by those standards. Bush jr. hid his service records and national guard records along with criminal convictions for alcohol and cocaine abuse. palin never produced a medical file prior to running, in spite of the rumors about baby trigg, Obama is hiding everything, we don’t even know who this guy really is, where he comes from, or who got him in the position he is in today. Presidents are but puppets anyways. I want to know who is pulling the strings and what their agendas are. I find myself supporting independants and real people now, not the big puppet parties. Goodbye establishment, hello tea party, hello Ron Paul.

  2. Good grief, just produce it already. I’m getting sick of this hide and seek game…

  3. Dave from Atlanta

    There is a VERY interesting post at AmericanGrandJury.org from a man who claims he went to Kenya and acquired a copy of O’s birth certificate. It’s pretty convincing, as is the photocopy of the certificate:
    Please check it out.

  4. Dave from Atlanta

    Follow-up on the above: The AmericanGrandJury.org site lists a link to the original posting of the interview. This appears to be the more complete listing.

  5. Narcissists do not have to follow the rules! The rules don’t apply to them! That’s why Obama hasn’t produced his birth records, his academic records, et al. – and because he is clearly hiding these documents from us!

    • Yeah, Ike was a sucker and not a cool dude who got out of having to do something like anybody worth the attention would’ve done (well, at least, that’s how too many people feel today about repsonsibility and such things as that nowadays).

  6. You graciously gloss over the fact that his BC was “filed” a mere 62 years after his birth!
    You would not accept such a “filing” for Obama’s BC, now would you?
    You’re asking for the “original” from back in ’61. For Eisenhower, you’d have to ask for the “original” back from 1890!
    Did I mention “inconsequential”?
    So my challenge stands: show me one former president who produced his original BC prior to being elected!


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