Egyptian government shuts down 27,000 mosques

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Meanwhile, Obama actually invited to meet with him in the White House, Muslims with close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. Both are terrorist organizations.
Hey, but he did promise to “fundamentally transform” America!
Thanks a lot, all you who’d voted for the POS.

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0 responses to “Egyptian government shuts down 27,000 mosques

  1. I predicted some weeks ago in The Fellowship of the Minds that the beheading of the Coptic Christians would cause the Egyptian government to react strongly. Now it has done so, and you can expect more if the mad dog Islamics don’t settle down.

  2. traildustfotm

    God bless them for standing up to this menace. The Egyptian military has collaborated with the American military during a period when America stood for something good. And they absolutely hate Obama, and blame him for the “Arab Spring.”

  3. I guess we could put out a bounty on Islamic Terrorists,but you and I know how things like that can get out of control,especially with such a noble cause….

  4. It appears the Egyptians actually “get it.”
    Good for them.


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