Eggnog in a pipe

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His name is Eggnog.
Eggnog is a Little Owl, a breed that’s native to the UK and can grow to a height of 8.27 inches.
Eggnog has made a drain pipe his home in the Silverband Falconry.
Little Owls make good pets. Florence Nightingale was the proud owner of one called Athena, who became her companion traveling everywhere in her pocket.
Read the rest of the Daily Mail story, here.

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0 responses to “Eggnog in a pipe

  1. Eggnog is special. We had a saw whet owl linger in a tree in our yard once. A neighbor and I were concerned that it was a baby until we looked it up in an audobon book. God has certainly graced us with a world filled with unique and special animals.

  2. ahhh-some ! Not what I was expecting ,at all
    (some days I’m just SO literal)….
    so both a surprise and a delight.

  3. I love Eggnog and I want one too! I love owls!!! Thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for this fuzzy warm post!

  4. What a cutie!


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