Education: Psychopaths are in Charge

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0 responses to “Education: Psychopaths are in Charge

  1. You can complain about this all you want, but until you refuse to allow your child to go to school, this problem will continue to get much worse. Schools are nothing more than child abuse centers and no one can argue that fact. So why do people put their children in these schools?
    What you all are describing is much worse that what I experienced over 25 years ago. These schools are intellectual cesspools that even an adult shouldn’t attend. Sex, violence, drugs, and death are the elements of a demented satanic culture. These teachers aren’t stupid.
    They are calculating satanic wing nuts. Who, but the most mind numbed
    person would ever allow their children to go to these institutions of lower learning? Keep the children at home were they belong.

  2. You didn’t catch the fact the law included home schooling and private schools! You are seeing what the Communists in America are trying to complete in the USA! People have to wake up to the fact that 50% of the people that we have sent to Washington would consider themselves PROGRESSIVES just another word for COMMUNIST and we must take the time to check out every one we vote for, or our country is GONE!!!

    • Just tell the bastards to shut their pie holes. That’s it; end of story. Voting isn’t going to accomplish anything. 60-80% of the people claim to be conservatives, yet or “progressives” get elected. Why? The answer is simple: they cheat. I wouldn’t listen to anything they say, it is all nonsense.
      The government now is a rump organization. There is no basis in law for its existence. They compromised that a long time ago and everyone is paying for it now.

    • Sweden… the model dystopia left/liberals wish they had here.

    • Political Correctness of the Frankfurt School’s “Critical Theory” disected for you info… and what “educators” insist upon teaching our children instead of how to read, write, think, etc.

  3. OMG, you are all nuts.

    • Way to go Jo…
      Rather than comment on the actual post you just call us names. You must have been the champ on your college debate team.

      • DCG-
        Of course Jo was the champ on his debate team…..along with the other 50 students that participated in tryouts!
        O-oops! Correction: 50 students and 1 lost tourist that walked thru the wrong door that day! 😀

  4. Graduated high school with what would’ve been a good college education… appalled and unhappy with college education as it was 20 years ago (and what I was doing was in the top-third nationally then). Given how the Occupy Wall Street crowd is now, it scares me what little we expect (and teach instead) our folk in high school.

    • lowtechgrannie

      K-12 has become 90% social engineering and 10% disciplined-knowledge academics. College is now what High School used to be.

  5. that was eloquent,Grouchey…made me feel my age , though…ouch
    I didn’t ask anyones permission to teach my children…and I took my
    own education in hand at about twelve. I’m STILL working on my Greek
    although i’m fairly proficient in Geek 🙂


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