Eco-hypocrites: Prince Harry & Meghan took private jet to Ibiza for 5-day vacation

Sanctimonious environmentalists Prince Harry, 34, and his D-listed actress-wife Meghan Markle (MM), 38, and “baby” Archie, recently took a secret trip via a private jet to Ibiza, a Mediterranean island off the coast of Spain, to celebrate MM’s birthday on August 5.

Alexander Robinson reports for Daily Mail that the royal couple and baby Archie stayed in a secluded villa away from prying eyes, and travelled with security personnel for the 6-day trip. A source told Majorca Daily Bulletin: “No images have emerged of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Archie, who stayed at a villa well away from the cameras. ‘They travelled with security personnel, and it is reported that local security forces were not needed.”

Harry has warned about the “terrifying” effects of climate change on the world when he revealed this month that he and MM had decided to limit their family to two children — a not-so-subtle jab at his brother, direct heir to the throne Prince William, who has three children.

For her part, Meghan Markle had said: “There is a ticking clock to protect our planet – with climate change, the deterioration of our natural resources, endangerment of sacred wildlife, the impact of plastics and microplastics, and fossil fuel emissions, we are jeopardising this beautiful place we call home – for ourselves and for future generations. Let’s save it. Let’s do our part.” (Express)

The Ibiza holiday came just days after Harry attended Camp Google — a celebrity climate-change summit in a luxury resort hotel on an island in Sicily, Italy, which was blasted by environmental groups for its hypocrisy. Italian media reported that 114 private jets were scheduled to land in Palermo airport for the summit. Google did not respond to requests for comment.

See my post “Hypocrisy on steroids: Global elite take private jets & super-yachts to Google Climate Summit”.

Sources told Daily Mail that Google paid for a private chartered jet and a helicopter to ferry Harry from London to Palermo airport, then to the Sicilian hotel for the summit, where Harry delivered an impassioned speech about the environment and humanitarianism while barefoot. When pressed whether Harry had flown commercial or private, the CEO of Palermo airport Giovanni Scalia said: “Being royalty you can guess which.”

Harry is also believed to have stayed in a superyacht during the summit. According to experts, a 390 ft. super-yacht produces about 3.3 tons of damaging carbon dioxide each hour at sea by burning through around 200 gallons of fuel.

Yachts spotted during the Google Camp included the 300ft Eos, owned by Expedia billionaire Barry Diller, and the 290ft Infinity belonging to former Google boss Eric Schmidt.

MM’s birthday was four days after the summit. It is unknown if Harry returned to the UK first or whether he joined MM in Ibiza. Daily Mail asked Buckingham Palace if Harry had travelled to Ibiza directly from the climate summit via private plane, but a spokesman refused to comment.

If Harry had flown directly from the summit to Ibiza via a private jet with five passengers, it would have put around a ton of carbon into the atmosphere. If he had returned to the UK first, the private jet would have used up about 1.3 tons of CO2, followed by the flight from London to Ibiza which would use about 0.8 ton.

Altogether, Harry’s travels via private jet would have put around 3 tons of carbon into the atmosphere — 10 times more carbon dioxide than going via commercial airliner. To offset just the one-way private-jet flight, Harry would need to plant around 190 trees, environmental group Trees for the Future said.

In January 2019, MM also used a private jet (owned by Trump-hater actor George Clooney) to her £300,000 New York baby shower. (Express)

But if anyone so much as dare criticize Harry and bi-racial MM, Harry already has a ready-made accusation — that their critics have “unconscious” racism.

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Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

I am sick to death of hearing about the “upper crust” of our world’s citizens who spout what the rest of us “little people” should be doing to avert the supposed calamity of climate change . . . yet when we read of their extravagance in travel and the amount of fuel they utilize for themselves. I don’t care if these two nitwits only have two children in their crusade to save the world . . . that in itself does not offset their lifestyle. I think all those who secretly plot against the common man in this manner are… Read more »


I happened to catch a glimpse of the Weather Channel yesterday. Two weather bimbos and one Nubian “meteorologist” were on about Global warming. Which of course begged the question, what global warming? August 13, 1936 it was 119 degrees in Kansas, 117 degrees in Nebraska, seven states were over 110 degrees, 20 states were over 100 degrees, and the national average temperature was 93 degrees. If that happened now the snowflakes would be shrieking for world communism yesterday. Anyway, the Nubian did a lot of hand-waving and insisted that the sun has nothing to do with global climate. Nothing I… Read more »

Mad Celt
Mad Celt

What a maroon. Lives in a closed society, populated by only a chosen few, and feels qualified to dictate to the world at large, whose interaction runs the length of the spectrum daily. Kind of like the goldfish in a bowl instructing salmon in the wild.


Leo must be proud…


Auntie Lulu, the “upper crust” is nothing but the toilet bowl, Mum Queen Betty trying to cover up for her boy Prince Andrew and his very REAL PICS with under age girls and with “buddy” Epstein (gone!). Friends since the 90’s.

Buckingham Palace strenuously denied the allegations after they were published in the Guardian, calling them “categorically untrue,” and denying “any form of sexual contact or relationship” between the prince and Giuffre.

Next on the chopping block is Globe Trotting Harry, I’m waiting for the closet to open and see who’s coming out.


Auntie Lulu please pardon my not ladylike writing, I meant to say they are the upper crust of the toilet bowl. Barf.


The endless lecture about being eco-friendly is a real bore.


Don’t much care what the prince of the United Kingdomistan does.

I hope he and Meghan are learning Arabic.


Their public life is a function of their handlers and media, essentially the same bunch that’s been parasitizing the Brits since Oliver Cromwell let them back in the country hundreds of years ago. They obviously do what they’re told to do when they’re told to do it in an increasingly B-rated drama of the British royals, all intended to impugn monarchy at a time nationalist, ethnic English monarchy may be the only hope to resuscitate a moribund English nation and rid it of alien influences. No wonder the royal family’s “Hollywood” handlers chose an anti-aristocratic, bad-tempered shrew and D-list actress… Read more »