Eat mor chikin!

Business is booming at Chick-Fil-A as gay marriage controversy actually HELPS  the fast-food chain

Daily Mail: All publicity is clearly good publicity —  when it comes to chicken burgers at least. Despite receiving a PR drubbing three months  ago when its boss publicly slammed gay marriage, business is booming at  fast-food chain Chick-Fil-A.

Consumer use of the restaurant, visits and  advertisement awareness all shot up in the third quarter, according to a  research report, as it was in the midst of an intense media frenzy. ‘There was a lot of talk that this  would hurt  Chick-Fil-A, but it actually helped the brand,’ said Jeff  Davis, president of  research specialist Sandelman & Associates.

Consumer use was up 2.2 per cent  in the  third quarter compared with the same period in 2011, according to a survey of more than 30,000 fast-food consumers  conducted in markets  where Chick-Fil-A is located. Market share was up 0.6 per cent and total ad awareness was up a significant 6.5 per cent during the period.

Gay rights groups held protests at the  restaurants and called for boycotts  in July after President Dan Cathy told a religious publication that his  company was ‘guilty as charged’ in supporting  the biblical definition of the family unit.

Supporters of the chicken burger chain also  held rallies outside stores but the bulk of national media and social media  coverage was negative. However, the bad PR has only fuelled  Chick-Fil-A’s popularity.

During the third quarter, Chick-Fil-A  broadened its regular customer base in 28 of 35 media markets, Davis  said.

The surprising results have dumbfounded PR  experts. ‘Chick-Fil-A did everything wrong in the  book,’ Chris Goddard, president of CGPR, told USA  Today. ‘Their president shot from the hip, and his  PR team was not equipped or prepared (to respond). It was a PR disaster and a clear case of what not to do in a crisis.’

Others believe the success proves that not all brands must appeal to everyone. ‘Brands that take risks can win big rewards, but they must be prepared for the backlash that comes with it,’ Ronn Torossian, CEO at 5WPR, told the website. ‘They were saying to their core constituency:  Here’s what we believe.”

Dumbfounded PR experts? Perhaps they missed the massive turnouts that occurred for the support of Chick-Fil-A and traditional marriage. Silly experts…


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7 years ago

Chick-fil-A spoke the truth and the American people responded. People are sick to death of political correctness and the bullying tactics used to get people to accept deviate life styles and behavior. The goal was to destroy Chick-fil-A but it back fired on the degenerates. People who hadn’t eaten at Chick-fil-A discovered what good food they serve and are going back. God has blessed CFA for their Godly morals and their willingness to stand up for those morals.

7 years ago
Reply to  illlill

You got that right!

Teacher Alvin
7 years ago

Reblogged this on CAPTAIN ENGLISH.

7 years ago

These people underestimate the power of our LORD. CFA does not! CFA knew the LORD would protect them whatever the outcome good or bad. That is faith.

7 years ago

I was in Norman, OK (home of Univ of OK and a lot of liberals) a couple of weeks ago and was going to eat at CFA but the place was packed and the drive through almost out to the street so I decided I would come back after I was done with my rat killing. Well over an hour later it was still packed. Go figure…