Early Spring

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It’ll be one month and two days before Spring equinox arrives, but already there are signs of Spring in the hills where I live.
Plum trees are in bloom. Magnolias, still leafless, sport fat pink buds and flowers.
Then there are the whites — elegant callas, regal camellias, and a surprising patch of daffodils.
If you’re in icy climes, I hope these pics bring you some respite!


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0 responses to “Early Spring

  1. The wind is howling and the lights are flickering here at my house. Your pictures of Spring will sustain me if the power goes out. LOL!

  2. I’m feeling very jealous. It isn’t that cold here today but we have a forecast of snow for tomorrow. 🙁

  3. It is so dry where we live…even the dog has allergies! Thank u for the gorgeous pics! 🙂

  4. Beautiful!! Many things were starting to bloom out here, but 14 degrees last week did not help. Still, I have never seen the wild ferns on our mountain come back in February.

  5. The 3 and 4th pictures are Tulip Poplars I do believe.

  6. 😀
    I’ll try and take more pics of Spring blooms to post next week!


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