Eagle Attempts To Snatch Child

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Turns out this video that’s been viewed by millions is a fake. See explanation in the Comment section below.

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    • No, ENTIRELY believable. Never forget that all eagles are predators, and continually seek food of the right size. This child was lucky it was bundled in cold weather gear, so the eagle didn’t dig into its body. Ben Franklin objected to the eagle as the national bird, much preferring instead the wild turkey, which he felt was distinctly American, unlike the world-wide distribution of eagles. Small dogs such as Poms are often snatched, so small dog owners need to be vigilant.

  1. Owls will also snatch small dogs and cats. An older man in my community lost his little dog when out walking with him in an open field. He was helpless as the poor little thing was carried off. He searched the area, and still could not find him. He was traumatized by the experience.

  2. 😮

  3. My cat was swooped up by an eagle right in front of me in Juneau.

  4. Very frightening! Thank God that eagle let the child go..
    A hawk almost grabbed my cock a poo when she was a pup.. I lunged at it as it was grabbing her, and it was scared off. The hawk was following us moving from tree to tree as we walked on the sidewalk.. then I felt and heard it come from behind me. It was a strange moment!

  5. This eagle video may be faked. Alex Hern of the NewStatesmen, Gawker and others have pointed out that when you enhance the video, you can see CGI tampering, e.g., the eagle’s shadow disappears for a second, its wing also disappears and when the eagle drops the baby, it looks like the baby is floating up instead of falling.
    Bird expert Ken Kaufman wrote on Facebook that Golden Eagles don’t really frequent Montreal:
    “A golden eagle tries to snatch a baby in Montreal,” and the video goes viral. But it’s faked. Golden Eagle is a scarce visitor in the Montreal area, but the bird in the video is not a Golden Eagle, nor anything else that occurs in the wild in North America. This was clearly a setup: using a falconer’s bird, and probably a fake toddler for the distant scene.
    Here’s a video showing the now-you-see-it now-you-don’t shadow problem:

    • Son of a gun, had me fooled, especially since it was on several prominent websites. My apologies for being taken in.

      • Tom, I was fooled too! Sure looked real to me. 🙂
        I happened upon the fake info while doing my usual wandering around on the web this morning.

        • Regardless if this one video was faked, the point regarding predatory birds and small domestic animals IS well-taken. Happens all-too-often in Canada, especially to naive owners of them. Aldous Huxley’s essay ‘Wordsworth in the Tropics’ is relevant here, especially to well-intentioned ‘liberals’ and other ‘progressives’. They most of all need to know that Nature is as John Donne wrote in a sermon using a memorable image of the sea, that ‘it is as deepe in a storm as in a calme….’

      • But it was a really good fake.

  6. better yet watch the video with the dogs who drive

  7. To MackQuigley:
    Stop dragging YOUR agenda into a post that’s NOT about the 9-11 conspiracy theory. All comments about 9-11 are off topic and have been and will be deleted.


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