Daniels Drops Out; GOP Old Guard Frantic for Replacement RINO

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Editor’s note
As I was saying on another thread that the GOP will only back RINOs. The GOP is falling apart and/or pulling a Newt. They want Romney, but he will be crushed. Please America, time to put the boots on. We are going to have to  fight like it’s for all the marbles. That means donating…even if it’s a buck. Donate money, time, anything, because I think we have a very good chance with a third party or tea party platform. It’s time to put these RINO bastards out to pasture, or better yet, let them go with Skippy to the big outhouse.
The Anguish of the RINOs.
Posted by Judson Phillips on May 22, 2011 at 1:54pm in Tea Party Nation Forum Send Message View Discussions
There is a sound heard all across America today. No, it is not the cicadas, which in some parts of the country are rising from their 13-year slumber. It is the sound of establishment Republicans crying.
Mitch Daniels isn’t running for President.
In a midnight email, Daniels told supporters of his decision. His reasons were personal. His wife and his four daughters did not want him to and it is hard to undertake running for President with anything less than full family support.
The establishment spinmeisters have gone into warp speed to try and spin this and pressure another establishment candidate to run. The Daily Caller’s headline read, “In the wake of Daniels’ announcement, will GOP turn to dream candidates?” Of course their idea of dream candidates included Paul Ryan (not running), Chris Christie (thankfully not running) and Jeb Bush (please never another Bush anywhere near the White House).
Politico featured a similar story with a similar cast (Substitute Rick Perry for Jeb Bush, and Perry has said he isn’t running).
On Meet the Press, or as Rush Limbaugh likes to call it, Meet the Depressed, GOP consultant Mike Murphy parroted the establishment lines. First, the race would come down to the three establishment candidates, Romney, Huntsman and Pawlenty and there would be one candidate there for “entertainment value,” possibly Herman Cain.
There is fear and loathing in the establishment. Fear because they know they do not have a good candidate. Romney manages to raise a lot of money but everyone knows that if he is the nominee, the Obama team is going to beat him to death with Romneycare. Huntsman is a joke. He is the poster child for being a RINO. He once wrote fan boy letters to Obama telling him what a great leader he is. Team Obama will beat him to death with his own quotes about the greatness of Obama. Pawlenty seems like a nice guy, but he has the political firepower of a dead armadillo.
The establishment loathing of the Tea Party could not be more obvious. While the GOP cannot seem to get out any type of messaging to oppose the Obama regime, they are doing a good job of trying to message against anyone with Tea Party support. Charles Krauthammer used the term “entertainment value” on Herman Cain’s candidacy. He also used a similar term referring to Donald Trump’s candidacy, as Trump started surging in the polls. Expect a similar treatment for Michele Bachmann, if and when she starts to surge in the polls.
The GOP establishment does not get it and is doing its best to relegate the GOP to history right next to the Whig party it replaced. There is a huge disconnect between the establishment and the rank and file GOP as well as conservative Americans. Earth to GOP: This is your base.
The GOP base loved it when we heard Donald Trump rip the Chinese or for that matter Obama. The rank and file love Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann when they do the same thing. The base wants the GOP to go after the other side. The base is ready for a fight. The base wants to get into a fight. The base wants to win this fight.
Meanwhile, the establishment Republicans, Romney, Gingrich, Huntsman and Pawlenty stagger around like freshly castrated cattle, wondering what has happened to an important part of their anatomy.
The GOP needs to understand, this election is a cross roads for it. If the GOP establishment pushes another legacy candidate like Romney or another RINO like Huntsman or Pawlenty, the conservative base will bolt from the GOP. Unless the GOP buys a clue and returns to its conservative roots and nominates a real conservative fighter for President, by 2016, there will be a third party in this country…
The GOP.

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0 responses to “Daniels Drops Out; GOP Old Guard Frantic for Replacement RINO

  1. That about sums it up. With Mitch Daniels out the way it just makes it easier for real conservatives to migrate in. I still hope Allen West at least go for VP that would almost solidify a win. Look guys I know I keep harping on AW a lot but right now Palin is still a toss up, Christie (thank the maker is staying out…for now) Pawlenty, I really just don’t know about him and Paul Ryan still says no and it seems like he’s sticking to his guns. Cain got the base fired up but we need to “turn the wick up” and go from fire to inferno. If Allen would just run for VP this team would go down the track like a hot rod with it’s throttle stuck wide open.

  2. Yet another RINO bites the dust.
    Kewel. 🙂

    • I agree with Will: A Cain-West ticket would be formidable. Let the Left and the 93% “African-Americans” (their terminology) who always vote Democrat try dodging the “racist” label when they refuse to support two black men for prez and VP. Of course, they’ll just resort to that other lie — that Cain and West are oreos, uncle toms, coconuts….
      As in the case of liberal Jews, whose true religion is liberalism, not Judaism, the Left say they care about black/brown people, women, gays. Blah, blah, blah. But in the end, ideology always trumps everything. Liberalism is their religion.

      • Then you, I, the TEA Partiers, and everyone who don’t want a RINO shoved down our throat will have to put our money where our mouth is. Donate!!!
        $100, $50, $25, $10, $5, or $1
        I just donated $50.

      • You hit it Eowyn if the liberal AA population bolt from a Cain\West ticket it will prove their total hypocrisy and Sage old buddy trust me if there is a Cain/West ticket they would have to build a damn greater to that of Hoover to hold back the flow of cash! Remember it will be the American People giving to them not the GOP establishment.

    • That is not a little scary.

  3. bye by Daniels. Why are the Repubs so afraid to back Cain? He’s the perfect candidate IMO.
    GOP hasn’t received money from me in years and won’t until they grow a pair…

  4. Mitch had two albatrosses hanging around his neck.
    1. The judge he appointed who crushed the 4th amendment
    2. That comment he made at CPAC earlier this year when he told the Social Conservatives to get with the program and support GOProud if we ever wanted to get anywhere. That may have been great for GOProud but he burned his bridge with every SOCON out there.

    • Yep that too! Mitch knew his goose was cooked and that crack about his family did not want him to run was full of fudge!

  5. all are gop suckers,wimps

    • blah, blah, blah,blah etc…

    • Hey greg, maybe YOU got suckered with that “hopeandchange”? You do project too much my friend.
      Unemployment high – check. Massive US national debt – check. Failed foreign policy – check. Gitmo still open – check. Shall I go on? Get off the kool-aid…

  6. I was never intrigued at all by this guy,and after I read the comments,wheeeew,glad I’m sitting down,and really glad he decided not to run,man’o’man


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