Dupe and Degenerate -Teddy's Excellent Adventure

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Late U.S. Senator Edward ‘Ted’ Kennedy ‘rented out a Chilean brothel for the entire night’, claimed FBI files

Late U.S. senator Ted Kennedy has been accused of renting an entire Chilean brothel and seeking meetings with communists who had left-wing views.
The information came to light after a Freedom of Information request by Judicial Watch – the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption – who put pressure on the FBI to release the material.
Their file on the late senator, who died from brain cancer in August 2009, was released but contained a large amount of blacked out information – until now.

The statements previously withheld include accusations that during a tour of several Latin American countries he ‘made arrangements to “rent” a brothel for an entire night, allegedly inviting one of the Embassy’s chauffeurs to participate in the night’s activities’.
In each country he visited he was also said to have ‘insisted on interviewing “the angry young men” of the country as well as Communists who had extreme left-wing views’.
When he was in Mexico, it is said that his request to have certain left-wingers – one of whom was later linked with a Soviet spy ring – was refused as he was warned not to associate himself with such people.
Disclosed: One of the pages of the FBI documents accusing Senator Edward Kennedy of renting a brothel for the night and meeting with leftist Communists
The trip, in December 1961, was taken when he was the Assistant District Attorney of Suffolk County.
Edward ‘Ted’ Kennedy was the second most senior member of the Senate when he died, having served 47 years, following in the footsteps of older brothers President John F. Kennedy and Senator Robert F. Kennedy, who were both assassinated.
Judicial Watch argued with the FBI for more than six months to have the full version released, arguing that the blackouts were baseless.
Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said: ‘The FBI’s reluctance to follow the law and release this material shows that it, too, is not above politics. 
‘Our tough fight with the Obama administration shows that it was not keen on letting the American people know that Ted Kennedy, one of Obama’s leftist politician heroes, liked to hang out with communists and prostitutes.
‘We will continue to investigate why the FBI improperly chose to keep this information secret.’
Judicial Watch’s motives for insisting on the release of the document are unclear, though Mr Fitton has indicated that he thinks American citizens are unaware that Kennedy, a known liberal, might have met with other liberals on his foreign travels.
Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1361318/US-Senator-Edward-Ted-Kennedy-rented-Chilean-brothel-entire-night.html#ixzz1FIKGUyOJ

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0 responses to “Dupe and Degenerate -Teddy's Excellent Adventure

  1. ouch, that pic hurts my eyes!
    This does not surprise me…just disgusts me even more. What a selfish commie this man was.

  2. The pampered baby of the family, a degenerate man with no redeeming social value. It amazes me that he actually aspired to the presidency.
    A fact I learned from historian, James Pool, when I recently typed the Holocaust transcripts; when old Joe Kennedy was ambassador to England during the 1930s he told the German ambassador that it would be “easy to get rid of the Jews as long as it was done quietly.” The German ambassador raced home and sent that message to Hitler who took it as tacit American approval for the genocide — and conscientiously did it as quietly as possible. The Nazi claim was that the concentration camps were patterned on American Indian Reservations!

    • Grannie,
      I’ve heard before that several powerful people in the American government were cozy with the Nazis.

  3. What I learned from typing those 21 transcripts (totaling approx 30 hrs)
    1. Henry Ford subsidized Hitler during the 1920s to the point that Hitler had a portrait of Ford enshrined in his home. Ford was supremely anti-semitic and used to put a copy of THE INTERNATIONAL JEW in the glove box of every new car that rolled off the assembly line.
    2. Charles Lindbergh toured Germany in the 1930s and came back with glowing reports of the the National Socialist regime. He strongly campaigned for America to stay out of the war. He was a classic “dupe” the Nazis wined an dined to co-opt him to their cause.
    3. Joseph Kennedy was not at all opposed to Hitler. When we got into the war and it became generally known that Joseph Kennedy was soft on the Nazis, it crushed his ambition to run for president himself so he started a campaign for one of his sons to run for that office. When his firstborn, Joe, died, the mantle fell to 2nd son, JFK.
    4. Many US banks were involved in financial ventures with Hitler’s government and the key corporations, IG Farben, etc. The Bush family had strong ties to a Wall Street investment bank with alot of activity in Germany during the 1930s.

    • Less well known than these American Nazi sympathizers is Wall Street’s support of the Bolsheviks of the new Soviet Union. “Some Wall Streeters were leading advocates of the Soviet causes in the backrooms of politics – while publicly supporting the anti-Bolshevik movement. One American Financier donated one million dollars to the Bolsheviks during the first shaky days of their regime.”
      See Antony Sutton’s book, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution https://oneheartbooks.com/books/agenda/wall_str_bolshevik.htm

  4. Yeah I knew that about Lindbergh. Didn’t know about the Bushes though.

  5. Candance, I think the bank the Bushes had interest in was called Brown Brothers Harriman. The German economy was devastated after WW I when they had to pay reparations. Their method was to deflate the currency and pay it back in devalued Deutschmarks. (a lot like our devalued dollars being paid in interest to China?) Wall Street, including Brown Brothers Harriman, pumped money into the rebuilding of the German corporate infrastructure in the 1930s. This was when our country in the midst of the Great Depression when so many American families lost of everything.

  6. Let us not forget that Harry Reid named Ted Kennedy as one of his two “greatest living Americans”!!!

    • Harry Reid is a disgrace.
      I’m a Mormon and I believe in God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, who is my personal Savior, and the Holy Ghost.

      • Yes, we believe that we were all spirits before we came here to earth, and that Lucifer is the spirit brother of Christ, just as all God’s children are brothers and sisters. Lucifer wanted God’s Glory by promising that everyone would be saved, where as Christ offered himself as a Sacrifice for us, knowing we would sin, with Glory going to God. Lucifer’s plan was rejected and he was cast out of Heaven. He’s been trying to destroy free will/free agency ever since. We also believe that when we come to this earth we are given the choice to choose God or choose Lucifer.
        Yes, Christ created all things.
        I do not believe that God created evil. How can good create evil? In the Bible, over and over, it states that good cannot come from evil, nor evil from good, though good will overcome evil. Lucifer made his choice to defy God and has been battling ever since. God will win, in the end.
        As to Mary’s immaculate conception, all religions have their nut cases, and Mormons clearly are no exception. Mary was a virgin in every sense of the word.
        First and foremost, BYU is a school not a church, even if it is a church owned school. I would never use BYU as a primary source of information. I’ve heard plenty of false doctrine from the pulpit, through the years, and can only imagine how much floats around in an institution of education. There will always be those who want to be more clever or more inspired or more “knowledgeable ” than others. It’s in every religion because people aren’t perfect.
        None of that changes the fact that I know Jesus Christ is my Savior and King and without Him I am utterly lost and forsaken. God the Eternal Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost comprise the Trinity, and they are inseparable, of one heart, one mind, and one purpose, which is the salvation and eternal life of man. Accepting Jesus makes me His, and no one may take that away from me.

  7. Actually, I have read the book of Job and find it very inspiring, especially when I’m struggling. I did not mean to suggest that the adversary did not serve a purpose or that God was not in control. God turns all to His purpose.
    “And I am not evil for doing it.” Neither did I suggest that you were evil in any way, though it seems to be implied that I am by being a Mormon.
    There seems to have quite a load of ammunition to prove just how wrong I am. I could roll out my own list of quotes from a variety of sources that would support the position, and ones that contradict the position. The 13 Articles of Faith state clearly what Mormons believe. I’ve re-read the sited material, and come back to my original belief that my faith is centered in Christ.
    Again, I had wanted to express my dismay at being lumped with the likes of Harry Reid simply because we share the same religion, though we clearly do not hold to the same beliefs. And I wanted to share my testimony of God the Eternal Father, my Savior and Redeemer, Jesus the Christ, and the Holy Ghost.

    • Thanks for your clarification. I understand better your perspective.

      • Thank you for the push. It’s been a horrible awful day (laid off), and I desperately needed the opportunity to refocus my life with Christ at the center. You’re a blessing. Neal A. Maxwell said ‘If, in the end, you have not chosen Jesus Christ it will not matter what you have chosen.’


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