Dumbest Media Person of the Year

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If you see some unknown thingie on the floor, would you pick it up and put it in your mouth?

Babies and infants do that, but not grown-ups.

Unless you’re a moron . . . like this guy.

Scot Haney

He’s WFSB in Hartford, CT weatherman Scot Haney.

Haney was sitting at the desk with the anchors when he noticed something on the floor. An anchor-woman said it was Grape Nuts. So Haney picked up the “grape nut” and put it in his mouth.

Turns out the “grape nut” was a piece of Haney’s cat’s barf that was stuck on the sole of his shoe.

A people search shows that Scot Haney is 49 years old.

I can only pray that he neither votes nor breeds.


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0 responses to “Dumbest Media Person of the Year

  1. and people wonder ‘what is wrong with the media today?”.

  3. He did what?!?!?! Oh good grief!!!! This guy must not have the sense God gave a lemon! Like was posted the other day, Idiocracy isn’t the future, Idiocracy is now!!!


    Guess I am having a Charlie Brown moment. Smh.

  4. Of course, he’s a Democrat…

  5. The first honest liberal newsperson!

  6. Fear not, for the Lord protects infants and idiots, and we know this fool is not an infant.

  7. OMG – quick, where’s the barf bucket!

  8. I’m surprised he’s lived as long as he has ! What a dipstick !!!


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