Dueling Liars

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Who’s the better liar? You decide.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz:


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0 responses to “Dueling Liars

  1. DITZ!

  2. This woman is a total f…ing fool .She’s got the i.q. of a tapeworm . I hope I didn’t offend any tapeworms trolling this site ; If I did , so be it . I almost feel sorry for the people who have to put up with her whimsical morays into the oblivion of her vacant cranium.

  3. Debbie Wasserman is just what Brother Dave told us about in the sixties, There are people that DON’T KNOW ANYTHING, like Bama, and there are people like Debbie that DON’T EVEN SUSPECT ANYTHING! Semper Fi.

  4. i love this pinnochio scene! sounds just exactly like what is going on right now!

  5. You know, Pinocchio could teach Eric Holder a few things!!

  6. Thank you Traildust for this cute post. The resemblance between Pinnochio and Debbie is noteworthy!


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