Duck plays fetch with flipflop

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H/t beloved fellow Igor.

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0 responses to “Duck plays fetch with flipflop

  1. I’ve never had a duck that would do that…

  2. LOL – I didn’t realize Mittens RINOmney had feathers.

  3. That is incredibly cute! I had a cat once who would fetch soda straws,l but I never saw a duck do that. That’s a duck? Looks like a goose. What do I know.

  4. reminds me of the duck in the movie “babe” remember if you are useful you won’t get eaten so the duck would crow like a rooster at dawn and he more or less got babe started being a pig who herded sheep. this duck though i didn’t think you could even train a duck let alone get him to fetch and he brings it back right away also i’ve had dogs who would fetch but not bring it back. and some dogs that would look at you and say if you threw it you go get it. and other dogs who would render whatever you threw into something totally different and maybe bring back a piece of whatever it was that you threw..


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