Drunken actress Reese Witherspoon reveals narcissism of Hollywood

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For your Friday amusement….
Having a grandiose overblown view of oneself, and expecting special treatment are both traits of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
Alcohol lowers a person’s inhibitions. That is why when one is inebriated, often the truth comes tumbling out. That’s what happened on April 19, 2013, in Atlanta, Georgia, when police stopped a car that was weaving and swerving, and arrested actress Reese Witherspoon for drunken disorderliness and her husband, Jim Toth, for DUI. These dashboard cam videos recording the incident are a glimpse into the narcissistic grandiosity of too many in the entertainment industry.
In the first video, while Georgia State Trooper First Class J. Pyland is gives Toth a sobriety test, Witherspoon keeps getting out of her car. Trooper Pyland tells her no fewer than five times to stay in the couple’s vehicle. But Witherspoon claims she needs to get out to urinate because she’s pregnant. That was a lie because she later confessed on “GMA” that she had panicked and said “crazy things” because her husband was being arrested. “I even told him I was pregnant. I am not pregnant!”

Despite the trooper’s commands, Witherspoon gets out of the car and begins arguing with the officer who promptly arrests her. This is when Witherspoon goes into a narcissistic rage: “”Do you know my name sir? OK, you’re about to find out who I am! I’m a U.S. citizen… I’m allowed to stand on American ground and ask any question I want to ask. You’re harassing me as an American citizen. You better not arrest me.

The next day, a sobered-up Witherspoon did apologize profusely. But was that the real Reese Witherspoon speaking? Or is the real Reese Witherspoon unmasked in those dashcam videos?
On May 2, Toth plead guilty and was ordered to complete 40 hours of community service, an alcohol education program, and one year of probation; Witherspoon plead no contest and was fined $213.
Witherspoon‘s parents are both highly educated: her father is an ear-nose-throat specialist; her mother is a professor of nursing. Their daughter, however, seems to have a penchant for playing fast-and-loose with the truth.
She claims descent from Scottish-born John Witherspoon, who signed the United States Declaration of Independence, but her claim has been disproved by the Society of the Descendants of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence genealogists. Born in New Orleans, Witherspoon says she is proud of her Southern upbringing because it taught her about “being conscientious about people’s feelings, being polite, being responsible and never taking for granted what you have in your life.”
According to US Weekly, Witherspoon is a registered Democrat and has donated money to Obama’s campaign. She revealed that she and her How Do You Know? costar Paul Rudd were star struck during a White House visit. “Obama came out and he turned to Paul and said, ‘I loved you in I Love You Man.’ I grabbed Paul and was like, ‘Are you freaking out right now?’ He’s like, ‘I’m freaking out!'” Witherspoon recalled. [Gag! Barf! Gag!]
Why do actors, who make a living playing dress-up and pretending to be people they’re not, get it in their heads that what they do are of earthshaking importance and that they are Very Important People?

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0 responses to “Drunken actress Reese Witherspoon reveals narcissism of Hollywood

  1. There was one thing I liked about GWB. He wasn’t impressed by the Hollywood trash.

  2. Friday amusement was correct….

  3. OldNorthState

    She will be increasingly irrelevant as Hollywood has a long history of dumping women actresses as they age out and their assets begin to sag. With her proclivity for overindulging in alcohol, let’s hope that she doesn’t come to an early end. Rather than being envious of her fame, she’s been shown to be a lying drunk with no brain when it comes to politics and we should feel sorry for her.

  4. The best way to handle her, or anyone of her ilk–pull the plug when it comes to money. You don’t pay to view movies they are in, either at the box office or red box, or Netflix. Just like people did with JC Penney, money talks! It high time for a good lesson.

  5. Havvve youuuu heard about the lonesome loser… beaten by the queen of hearts every time…..
    sorry, could not help myself!

  6. traildustfotm

    “Do you know who I am?!”
    I love it. If I were to use that line on a police officer in my little town of Nothingham, MA, my biggest concern is that the answer might be, “Yes.”

  7. You’d think with their money they could afford a driver. Not too smart…

  8. This is an 8 minute video about the reality of the entertainment business. If you find it alarming, I can assure you it’s only the tip of the iceberg. I can also assure you that almost everyone in the business is involved, including those favorite actors we all have. Entertainment is no longer entertainment.

  9. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this great post! You’ve made my day. So Reese has encountered how police officers work in the South! They do not put up with narcissistic or “do you know what my name is” mentality. All the officer asked her to do, more than four times, was to get back in the car. She did not comply and this was her choice.

  10. mike diamond

    reese,just stick to drinking ice tea,and always reply to a cop with yes sir and no sir,and if he tells you to stay in the car do what he says.respect them and things always work out better!

  11. Hit ’em where it counts! No movie going for me!

  12. All I needed to read was she is a registered Democrat!


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