Drug tests for unemployment benefits approved

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KHOU: Workers who lose their jobs would have to clear a drug screening to qualify for unemployment compensation under a proposal approved by the Texas Legislature.
Under current law, employers take out insurance policies to help laid-off workers survive on weekly payments of $62 to $440. Those who are fired for cause, including failing an employer-sponsored drug test, do not qualify.
The changes approved Saturday would require laid-off workers to fill out state questionnaires. Answers considered suspicious would lead to drug tests. Workers who fail would lose their benefits.
Republican Sen. Tommy Williams said the program will help maintain a competent workforce.
Democrats have blocked a separate measure that would have required drug testing for welfare recipients. But the bill targeting unemployed workers will now go to the governor.
Good start Texas! Now get those on welfare to do the same.

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0 responses to “Drug tests for unemployment benefits approved

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  2. Once again there is so much wrong here that it is difficult to know where to begin. Not that I am totally disagreeing with the article itself, just the actions that are being taken.
    Unemployment “insurance” is taken in the form of a tax directly from the earnings of those who are gainfully employed to insure that if they are unjustly or wrongly fired, they have some kind of cushion to fall back on. Half the amount is taken from the employer and is matched by half the amount being taken directly from the wages earned by the employee. This entire scenario wreaks of yet more government intervention whose sole purpose is to increase their revenue by stealing it from the productive workers and actual contributing members of society. Quite frankly, the government is looking for more ways to fill its coffers off the backs of productive citizens.
    The supposed “war on drugs” goes back a more “Baron-esque” time when corporate interests threatened by the productivity and usefulness of the hemp plants teamed with the Women’s Temperance movements to have it banned. While the banning of opiates and other common snake oil remedies may in itself be beneficial to society as a whole, the efforts against the hemp industry were fueled by corporate interests including the burgeoning oil industry, the cotton industry and the paper industry of the day … all of who would be adversely impacted by the growth rates and efficiency of the hemp fiber in similar productions. (This would also explain its introduction into the League of Nations and ultimately the UN where it continues to this day)
    The continued war on drugs has expanded to the point that it allows the US to become the number one industrialized nation to criminalize its population. Per-capita we have the highest incarceration rates of any industrialized/”free” nation on earth. The prison industry has become a mufti-billion dollar industry that in turn funds political interests that continue the madness.
    Meanwhile, the multi-generational family welfare leeches continue to deal drugs to supplement their income while laughing all the way to the bank.

  3. Thank you for a thoughtful commentary. I think it’s LONG past time when random drug tests should be required of all politicians. They are entirely on gubbmint tax-payer funds, and far too much of their behaviour looks to be the effect of a drugged mind….


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