2nd UPDATE: Dreams of My REAL Father -Frank Marshall Davis

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Most up-to-date update to date:

The new link to the video is here

Latest Update: I checked the video website at 6:45 pm PDT and found a message advising that the site will be back online sometime tomorrow.  IT’S A POWERFUL FILM!  Take time to watch before it disappears again. 



Must see 97 minute  documentary!

Line upon line and precept upon precept, this video,”Our Communist Commander in Chief”  makes the compelling case that Frank Marshall Davis is both his biological and ideological father.  It provides  a lifelong timeline on the trajectory of his path to the presidency including his longstanding relationship with the Ayers family, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Harvard Law School, marriage to his “bitter half” Michelle and community organizing in the Chicago political machine.   MUST SEE!

DEFUNCT Website:  http://ourcommunistcommanderinchief.com/

Film Maker’s Website: https://www.obamasrealfather.com/

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0 responses to “2nd UPDATE: Dreams of My REAL Father -Frank Marshall Davis

  1. I remember when I first saw a picture of Obama Senior it was striking how he looked NOTHING like Obama. Then when I first heard of people thinking Frank Marshall Davis was the real father and I saw the comparison of the pictures, I thought, “Wow!”

  2. If true, then he really is an American citizen. But maybe wouldn’t want it to be known who is father is – a commi – hence the BC coverup? Just thinking aloud here…I have to admit that I’d kind of like for O not to be a citizen and for it to be discovered so that we could prosecute all involved which would essentially demolish the Democratic party. One can dream…

    • An one point (even among raving left/libtards) out of wedlock births were shameful… and Davis, with a thing for younger white women who dug men of color, was already married to one (and frequently absent Obama Sr looks nothing like Jr, you do the math). Whatever’s actually on the birth certificate, people did (and still do) lie a lot about stuff like that at the time.

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  4. One thing that would put things to rest would be a DNA test in which one could compare the DNA of B0B0 with the DNA of his uncle Onyango “Stinky” Obama. If Stinky’s DNA matches 0bama’s, then it will prove Davis is not 0’s dad. 0 does look more like his mother around the eyes, yet Davis has some resemblance as well.

  5. I just received my copy in the mail! I think Ohioans are in the first wave of this campaign!

    • It you go to the above mentioned website for the filmaker they have posted that they are sending one million free cd’s out across the USA!

  6. Look on sohereandnow.wordpress.com and look for Dreams From My Real Father post. The video is there.

  7. it’s been removed there as well

  8. Who is removing the video? Other than the obvious, could it be Joel Gilbert, himself because of copyright infringements? Does anyone know?

  9. There is nothing about this guy that is on the ‘up & up’. He is the creation of very powerful forces who are working from behind the scenes.
    They are the same forces that killed John Kennedy,..& the same forces that blew up the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City,.& the same forces that were behind the event’s of 9-11-2001, & who are in control of what is unfolding with regards to ‘Jade Helm”

    These forces are demonic in character & pure evil, beyond your wildest imaginings,..


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