Up your meds, proggies: RBG can barely function, get ready for ANOTHER possible Trump SCOTUS appointment?

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While the demoRATS do everything possible to thwart the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, there is a chance that President Trump might get to nominate another justice.

Just watch Ruth Bader Ginsburg in this interview. She is 85 years old and has survived colon and pancreatic cancer. She also has a stent in her heart.

I don’t know if RBG will make it through Trump’s presidency, let alone if he gets a second term.

You think the meltdown and antics with Kavanaugh’s appointment are epic? You ain’t seen NOTHING YET!


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39 responses to “Up your meds, proggies: RBG can barely function, get ready for ANOTHER possible Trump SCOTUS appointment?

  1. She’s evil:

    Mark Taylor, who predicted the presidency of Donald Trump on April 28, 2011, prophesied Trump will get to seat FOUR Supreme Court justices.

  2. RBG is the epitome of the hoarder that plans to ‘take it with them’.

  3. Of course we haven’t seen anything yet should RBG resign or kick the bucket. The reason why is that the SCOTUS is the left’s ace in the hole; it’s their main way of implementing their agenda. They cannot get ELECTED promising to do what the court has done; the people would never go for it. Of course they’re going to fight tooth and nail, because they’re about to lose their ace in the hole…

  4. RBG seems to be a very dark influence on the morals of our nation. If she is replaced by a constitutional conservative, we will have gone another step in the direction of a healthier society.

  5. The Liberal Kalergists claim to worship “Diversity” yet if you look at (((Their))) side of the Supreme Court, you will see ZERO diversity, as Sotomayer is a “LaDino”, and of course Ginsburg, Breyer, & Kagan are openly members of the Babylonian Talmud tribe, thus they are exposed as hypocrites, frauds, and liars (and evil criminals)

    Ann Coulter predicts eruption if Trump gets to replace Justice Ginsburg

  6. It can only be ‘conspiratorial’ that she is allowed to stay in office at her age and physical condition. And the same scum want to claim Trump is unfit for office.

    Just like with Kavanaugh,….any thing for their cause.

  7. Let the left panic. It’s good to have a confused enemy. Blinded by rage, their mistakes will destroy them. Let them erupt. Our side has a trillion rounds of ammo. Theirs can’t figure out which bathroom to use.

  8. friends, I’ve never heard of anyone surviving pancreatic cancer as without our pancreas or not going to be able to function at all. In fact most people die within 6 months of diagnosis; that she’s sort of-kind of-alive indicates to me she’s come back as a zombie.

  9. They’ll get Feinstein to hold her up like “A Weekend at Bernie’s” and claim she’s alive. She is an abomination. I think it would be WONDERFUL if Trump gets a chance to appoint another. I think it would be WONDERFUL if they just told them to shut up and voted on Monday.

  10. This whole SCOTUS thing is typical of what they are doing in EVERY element of society. It is total divide and discord. Republican/Democrat, man/woman, up down, everything is a dialectic choice.

    There is no civility, there is no concern for the country. Their intent is to destroy our sovereignty, both as a nation and individually. Some realize what they’re doing, others do not but proceed anyway because they want to “belong”.

    Look at this little snippet. This is what we should be seeing with the appointment right now:


    • I love it! Woods said what I would like to say to that female dog. Every time I have seen that clip of her essentially accusing all men of being abusers I get so mad. I thought of emailing her office to tell her what I think of her, not that any of these arrogant Marxists think what we care, but it would at least give me the satisfaction of telling her what I think of her.

  11. As some other poster recently observed, Ruth Baphomet Ginsburg is so old that her Social Security number has only four digits … and those are Roman numerals.

  12. I want to send this to a friend but there is no option for yahoo mail .


  13. Here, you can add this to your Demon-rat lie portfolio:


  14. Ruthie will join rino Cain soon.

  15. They shoot horses don’t they?

  16. These words should ring true to anyone paying attention:


    As you read Alinsky’s words, think of our current situation. Do the methods ring a bell?

  17. “I can make it through President Eisenhower’s term.” —Ruth Bader Ginsberg

    I thought one of the qualifications to be a Supreme Court Justice is to actually be alive. You know, have a pulse, things like that!

  18. Just today I’ve read about “The Accuser” being coached by Clinton people, wiping out her internet history that apparently is pretty damning, and now this:


    Seems she’s also an operative for the abortion mill. Wow. Those Demon-Rats are pure evil.

  19. I know its a little off topic, but I think it ties into the ongoing soft coup we’re experiencing. Please take a few moments to watch the attached. Let this sink in. We have members of Congress openly subverting the President of the United States. I don’t know of a better textbook example of subversion.

    I really don’t know how Trump or his people can let this one pass. The federal marshals should already have rounded them up in my opinion. They, with the FBI are going to decide what we are allowed to see. They are refusing an order from the President?

    How long would it take you in his position to decide to fire Sessions and Rosenstein? My watch doesn’t have a hand that covers that small a time interval.



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