Dozens of Muslims leave company that limits prayer to scheduled breaks

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It’s kind of hard to halt a production line several times a day to accommodate a prayer break. The manufacturing process is sensitive yet apparently the Muslims who work/worked there are more sensitive.
Dozens of Muslim employees at a Wisconsin manufacturer say they are now out of a job after the company changed its prayer-on-the-job policy.
Fox News reports that Brillion-based Ariens Company changed their policy last Thursday. The policy originally allowed Muslim employees to leave the production line twice a shift to pray two of their five daily required prayers. Workers would pray five minutes at a time, assigning their duties to colleagues while they prayed.
But Ariens is now asking employees to pray during scheduled breaks. A company representative told WBAY-TV the “manufacturing environment does not allow for unscheduled breaks in production.”
The company’s new policy change affects 53 workers. Ten of those employees have indicated they wish to stay in their current positions under the new policy, the company said. Ariens said the company “put a considerable amount of effort into finding a solution that allows for employees of Muslim faith to pray during work hours,” including meeting with members of the company’s Somali employee group and consulting with local Muslim faith representatives.
The company said in a statement, “We are open to any of the employees returning to work under the new policy or will look for openings in shifts that do not coincide with prayer time. We respect their faith, and we respect their decision regardless of their choice to return to work or not.”
Of course, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) wasn’t pleased with any of this. They called on Ariens to allow Muslim workers to pray at work using the previous policy until the dispute is resolved. “These types of accommodation disputes can be resolved in a spirit of respect for constitutionally-protected religious rights and for the legitimate needs of both employees and employers,” CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said in a news release.

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0 responses to “Dozens of Muslims leave company that limits prayer to scheduled breaks

  1. Just bought a brand new Cub Cadet snowblower yesterday in preparation for the upcoming east coast storm this weekend. After a bit of research, one of the main factors that influenced my decision was Cub Cadet’s policy of encouraging their Christian employees to pray silently by themselves while going about their assigned tasks. 😉
    “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full” (Mt. 6:5).

  2. It was a pleasure to read this post.

  3. Ditto Nihilo. I could not agree with you more. Our vaccum cleaner went out in November and we purchased a made-in-the-USA brand from a small business.
    In regard to this article there are so many things to comment on, I don’t know where to start. So I will just say that I support the company and if the mooslime/islimes cannot follow the rules then out the door. I do know that the more you give in to this people group the more they are going to want. Appeasment does not work. Neville Chamberlain found that out.

    • Indeed, he did–the hard way. It took the resolute backbone of one Winston Churchill to clean up Chamberlain’s “peace, peace, when there is no peace” mess.

    • ” the more you give in to this people group the more they are going to want. Appeasment does not work.”
      AMEN to that!

  4. “the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) wasn’t pleased with any of this. They called on Ariens to allow Muslim workers to pray at work using the previous policy until the dispute is resolved.”
    so, the previous policy the company tried didn’t work yet CAIR wants them to return to it anyway? Who’s the boss? CAIR is the boss…once you hire muslims.
    ariens (like many litigated companies in the us that “offended” muslims) made their first mistake by opening their doors to islam.
    When will they learn PC world is very expensive.
    Just went to their website and they announced a Christmas party with ugly sweaters early in December as well as a Christmas open house a few days later…
    I pray for them that they prevail against political correction (corruption) and strengthen their ties in Christ.

  5. I love a bit of good news, especially when the good news is bad news for muslims. Here’s to ya, ya freaks….Hope you starve to death in the cold.

  6. In my peculiar understanding, I believe that when a person enrols for work with someone else or a business, they are usually paid by the hour to carry out the work. It is a two way agreement. As far as I know they are not paid to pray. If they wish to pray whilst working they can learn to do it mentally, whilst still focussed on the job they are being paid for. By leaving the job temporarily in order to raise their hind region to the heavens they are not fulfilling their work contract.

    • “By leaving the job temporarily in order to raise their hind region to the heavens they are not fulfilling their work contract.”
      …And for us NON-Muslims,THAT’S usually grounds for Firing.

  7. Good for you, Ariens! Stand firm in your policy!
    Ariens Company manufactures outdoor equipment, including equipment for snow removal, residential mowing​, commercial mowing and grounds maintenance, and chore.
    Ariens has locations in the U.S., Canada, Norway, UK, Australia:

  8. pray five times before or five times after work, allah doesn’t pay your wage, he is a big god so he understands the company that gave you work to feed and house your family needs to treat the other workers fairly and don’t have to pick up you slack. I’m sure Christians and smokers would like 5 extra breaks a day. Maybe cair organization should start up industries to hire only muslim workers so the rest of the employers out there don’t have to spend time and resourses appeasing this special group. Its not them that ever works within our system and rules …. but make us conform to what them want ….. and its Never enough is it.

  9. They just refuse to integrate with the country they migrate to. They really should stay in their country if they want to live their way.

  10. The right to pray does not obligate others (=employer) to make special considerations for YOU. It might obligate them to explain the requirements carefully so that you can decide IF you wish to accept a job.
    Here is an instance where a proper understanding of “rights” is crucial. A right is inherent, intrinsic, built-in. As such it pre-dates, transcends, and supersedes the Constitution. It is also INDIVIDUAL — and that means that your rights HAVE NO IMPACT on others and NEED NO INPUT FROM others. If it impacts others in any way or requires input or special consideration from others, you are abusing your right. And that is NOT your right.

  11. How could it possibly be fair to other workers (Christian, Agnostics, Atheists) to have the work of the Muslims foisted off onto them to take up the slack during these extra breaks? If you are there to work–then you are there to work, take care of your praying on your own time–not on another’s dime! Furthermore, I would not be in favor of granting unemployment benefits(nor welfare benefits) to this group, since they voluntarily (of their own choosing left a job.) I hope that more companies will institute O-N-E set of rules for everyone; for those who do not want to conform to the rules . . . they should by all means seek out employment that conforms to their personal liking. That is just what the rest of us do.

  12. Good, let them leave. Now we can put Americans back to work. These people come into our country and expect us to change to suit them. BS!!!!!!! obama has given these people first on the list for jobs. Bring in the crosses on necklaces, Bible reading during lunch, prayer before and after lunch. Eat plenty of ham sandwiches. That would anger them. They have angered Americans.

  13. CAIR can kiss my rear. You can bet these employees knew exactly what the rules were when they were hired. This was another case of Muslims expecting non Muslims to assimilate to them, not the other way around.
    They make headway by their pushing, shoving, bullying, and intimidation antics all over the world.
    Kudos to the company and may they stand firm. For to fold will eventually mean disaster and everyone will lose their jobs due to non sufficient output of products. One break trickles down until you have half an hour lost.

  14. Oh duh paw wittle Muswims! Hey, goat humpers, don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!
    Zee ya!

  15. What an easy way to keep muslims out of your company! I love it.

  16. “Employer tells CAIR to butt out of Muslim prayer dispute”

  17. Maybe the dune monkeys will get out of America, too. They don’t belong here.

  18. update:
    Ariens has fired 7 muslim employees who refused to abide by the company break policy.
    “Wisconsin firm terminates Muslim workers in prayer dispute”


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