Doo Doo Economics Blogger on Obama Strategy

Very interesting article from a blog I’d never come across before called “Doo Doo Economics”.  This article, “The Chicago Precedent,” provides insight on the strategy Team Obama has been using to get around the legalities of the eligiblity issue:

Barack Obama manipulated the Federal Courts by manufacturing legal precedent through Chicago corruption to conceal his Presidential ineligibility.

…….   Rahm Emanuel and William Daley swapped political positions. Rahm Emanuel was moved into a controlled political environment in order to be challenged on his Mayoral eligibility.  The goal was to establish legal precedent in order to defend Barack Obama’s Presidency from being ruled ineligible in Drake v. Obama (09-56827) otherwise known as Keyes v. Obama. The precedent is not on the merits of the case but the timing of the challenge.
To reinforce this precedent, the attorney who represented President Obama, David A. DeJute made a statement at 33 minutes and 55 seconds into the May 2, 2011 Drake v. Obama hearing that is factually incorrect.   Read more here
H/T  Kelleigh (as usual)

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